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Saphatic Shivalinga

Saphatic Shivalinga

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This is a Yantra, which is used to demolish enemies. If affixed at place of work, it gives complete victory over competitors. Widely used for victory in elections and court cases, it should be hung on a wall facing the entrance on Tuesday after praying to God to finish all enemies.

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Frequently Asked Questions
 What is a Yantra?
In simple words, a Yantra is an instrument that has a geometric design and acts as an efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. It carries a lot of spiritual significance and helps the user of the Yantra find higher consciousness.
It helps channelize one’s energies and helps in building the right focus keeping mental distractions at bay.
  How does it work?
At the base of a Yantra, there is shape energy as well as energy of form. The basic idea is that every shape emits a very specific frequency and energy in patterns. In fact, certain powers of Yantras are ascribed onto the various shapes of which some have negative energies and some have positive energies. However, in a Yantra, the energies are harmonious and benefic only.

Therefore, when one focuses on a Yantra, their mind in tuned in to a specific energy emitted from the Yantra. The energy resonated from the Yantra is then amplified.
  But there are no moving parts and only a piece of metal with a geometrical design?
Can you see frequencies of sound, light and energy? We also can’t see gravity or the magnetic field but we can feel the effects. Similarly, Yantras also act as conductors of positive energies.
  How soon will I see the effects or positive results?
This will depend on how focused you are, the size of the Yantra, material of the Yantra and the type of Yantra. A Yantra is completely activated within 40 days of being installed and the energy keeps on increasing there on.
 How will the Yantra help me?
The Yantra has a geometrical pattern and mathematical rhythm that attract natural forces and absorb cosmic energies. Therefore, it will help you absorb the positive energies of the cosmos.
 Do I need to place a Yantra is a particular way?
The direction or the placement of the Yantra is important for the right impact. This is similar to placing a holy deity in your home.
 Does the size of Yantra make any difference?
Yes, the bigger the Yantra the more is the impact. For smaller rooms, small size is sufficient.
 Can I eat non-vegetarian food and smoke or drink while wearing Yantra?
Yes, you can. Ancient texts do not mention any such taboo associated with yantras.
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