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Mahamritunjya Puja : 31,000 Mantras

Mahamritunjya Puja : 31,000 Mantras

By Acharya Kamal Kant
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This puja is done to worship Lord Shiva, who is also called Mritunjaya. It means the one who has won the death. This Mantra is called King of Mantras.  If this is recited for 1.25 lakh, it helps in removing all kind of diseases and distresses. There is provision of reciting this Mantra for five lakh times and  even more also. 

We can do this path for 31,000 times also. It will certainly gives results but to a lesser extent. However, the cost is reduced as lesser number of Pujaris  and Samagri is required.  This Mantra is also done to get Mukti from this world and be one with the God Himself.

If the planets in someone chart are inflicted badly, they are also appeased by this Mantra. Though there are other forms of pujas to appease the  planets. 

Why Puja is done
1-To get rid of all kinds of life endangering diseases
2-To get rid of any kind of distress
3-Anything you wish to get
4-To get progeny
5-To get position of power
6-To get prestige 
7-To stop anything bad which you fear may happen

How the puja is done: 
Puja will be done with Vedic Padhati ie Vedic system.
First of all, your horoscope or horoscope of the person for which Puja is to be conducted would be studied. Based on the planetary positions, Puja  would be performed.
Step-wise details are given below: 
Step 1-Swastivachan----First of all Mangaal Gaan ie Mantras in praise of Bhagwan Shiv is recited. 
Step 2-Pooranik Manglacharan----Vandana is done for all major Gods. 
Step 3-Sankalp------Here, it is explained that on whose behalf this yagna is being conducted and what is the purpose of yagna. 
Step 4-Ganesh Pujan-----Ganesh ji is invited to the yagna. Ganesh ji is Dev who allows yagna to be performed without hindrance. 
Step 5-Kalash Pujan--------Kalash Pujan is important and essential part of every yagna. 
Step 6--Shodash Matrika Pujan-----Shodash means sixteen. Sixteen Devis are invited into the yagna. This devis have special importance in the  performance of yagna. 
Step 7: Puniha Aavchan -----Here prayer is done for the jajmaan i.e. the person on whose behalf yagna is being performed. 
Step 8: Navgraha Pujan----All the nine planets are invited to be part of yagna and bless the jajmaan.
Step 9: Ksherpaal Pujan----Hindus consider 10 directions. Puja is being performed for their heads so that yagna is not disturbed from any direction. 
Step 10: Lingto Bhadra Pujan---- It is an invitation to Lord Shiva to be part of the yagna. 
Step 11: Yagna starts----Mantras start from here. Mahamritunjya Mantra will be recited for 31000 times. 
Step 12: Havan----In the last phase of yagna, Havan is done with same Mantras. 
Step 13: Aarti----Aarti of Lord is done. 
Step 14: Tarpan and Margan----These are part of the yagna. 
Step 15: Brahmin Bhoj----All the Brahmins who have participated in the yagna on behalf of jajmaan are respected. They are given thanks and food is  served to them with Dakshina for their efforts and time. 
Step 16: Prasada is sent to you.

Video Facility: You will be sent video and pics according to your convenience. It could be short videos over whatsapp or longer version uploaded to  youtube. Pics will be sent over whatsapp. If you have anything else in mind, you can also give your suggestion. 

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