Maha Shivratri - 24th Feb 2017
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Ati Rudra Rudrabhishek for ultimate prosperity and happiness in all janmas

Ati Rudra Rudrabhishek for ultimate prosperity and happiness in all janmas

Event Date: 24-Feb-2017
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Rudra – the fierce avatar of Lord Shiva, is considered as the embodiment of destruction. RUD means sorrow, and RA means destroyer – Rudra collectively means destruction of all sorrows. Lord Shiva is believed to be the destroyer of all your sorrows and evils.

When one worships Lord Shiva with true dedication, his/her all wishes and desires are fulfilled. Lord Shiva also puts an end to all the troubles in one’s life. According to our Vedas, Lord Shiva can be worshipped in many ways, but the way, which has the power to bring the most effective result, is Abhishek of Shivalingam. This lingam Abhishek symbolizes the cleansing of the universe in the idol form. As Lord Shiva is destroyer and creator the universe, he gets immensely pleased by this Abhishek.

Ati Rudra Abhishek:
As inscribed in our Vedas, there are three types through which Rudrabhishek can be done – Ekadasa rudram, Maha rudram and Ati rudram. Out of these three types, Ati Rudram or Ati Rudra Abhisheka is the most sacred and tend to provide amazing benefits.

It is believed that when a devotee performs Ati Rudra Abhishek, he/she is blessed by Lord Shiva and gets a step close to attainment of Moksha.
Benefits of Ati Rudra Abhishek are:
•    It attracts wealth and prosperity
•    It ensures happiness and abundance
•    It brings name, fame and success
•    It eradicate all the troubles from your life
•    It creates an aura of positivity around the devotee
•    It eradicate all the enemies and fears of death from one’s life

At Astrospeak, we make sure that learned pandits perform this puja on your behalf. Also, we ensure that all the Vedic rituals and regulations are followed during the puja. Once you order a puja, we will provide a link to you, through which you can be a virtual part of this puja. Furthermore, Prasad will be couriered to you on the address provided.

The Prasad will include:
•    Energised Gold Plated Shivalinga
•    Energised Gold Plated sarva siddhi yantra
•    Panchmeva
•    Shiv Chalisa
•    Parvati Chalisa

Astrospeak/Times Internet Limited neither represents the temple authorities or its trustees nor are the manufacturer/seller of Prasad products, but is solely a platform which connects you with certain individuals who shall perform puja (‘Service’) on your behalf. Accordingly, Astrospeak/Times Internet Limited makes no representation or warranties of any kind express or implied as to the execution of the orders at the Temple or the quality or delivery of Service.
To the full extent permissible by applicable law, Astrospeak/Times Internet Limited disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to the warranties of quality, service on fitness for a particular purpose.

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