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Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to a particular person, while another repels you? Why one couple just doesnt get along, while another couple seems made for each other? Its all in the stars. Vedic Astrology helps you connect with just the right person to be your life partner. Match-Making or Guna Milap is analysed on the basis of Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Lagna, Janam Nakshatra and Placement of Planets.
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Gun Milan

The term Sarv Gun Sampann is commonly used for newly married brides. Gun, a commonly used term is a way describing one’s good qualities or virtues. Marriage is sacrosanct in the Hindu culture and for a couple to live a blissful, smooth married life, and enjoy their Grahast Jeevan, Gun Milan is of utmost importance.

In today’s day and age, couple has no patience or the will to compromise, and therefore, divorce in one the rise. To avoid such situations, Gun Milan is important before planning a wedding. Gun Milan is the ancient eight-fold Vedic compatibility test of horoscopes, i.e. matchmaking analysis of both – the girl and boy’s natal chart. Gun Milan analyzes the charts based on the placement of the Moon.

The couple’s natal chart is constructed and compared, tested for compatibility parameters in eight ways. Each of these 8 tests has a score and while the points earned in each of the tests is different, the entire 8-fold test consists of maximum score of 36, i.e. Chattish Gun or 36 Guns/qualities. This is a judgment based on zodiac compatibility as well.

For a couple to go ahead with their marriage plan, i.e. are fit to be married, compatible enough, they need 18 match points of 18 Guns to be matched. 18 is the minimum number that a couple needs to achieve for a good match. If the score is below 18, it is best the union is cancelled.

Another important aspect of Gun Milan is the compatibility quotient of Manglik couple, i.e. Mars taken into consideration. Mars is an important planet for the success of marriage and good health in both the Kundlis.
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