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G D Vashisht

G D Vashisht

Astrology Expert
G.D. Vashist comes from a family of scholars and mystic seers of Northern India. He is trained in Vedantic and other systems of philosophy and he is Redbook specialist (Lal Kitab) . His communication combine authenticity with simplicity of up to date speech suited to the modern mind. Over  the years he researched and went deep into various systems of Astrology. His interest in these sciences has opened new dimensions in understanding human psychology and make everybody believe  in astrology. From all over the world under the umbrella of vedic  wisdom , he is providing information and solution to human beings and burnt out their problems and issues.

Vedic astrology is an excellent tool for helping us understand our dharma or life purpose as well as for giving us specific timetables for making decisions about career, finances, relationship, health, spiritual growth, etc. It is based on the sidereal zodiac which calculates the positions of the planets according to observable astronomy. G.D Vashist is an Vedic Astrologer who did hard work in preparing RED BOOK-NECTAR and by this book every human being can understand the various aspects of life. This book actually contains your lifetime prediction, varshphal and remedies.  RED BOOK-NECTAR is a book which describes the impact of sun and planetary movements on our lives and also gives the remedies to avoid or minimize the possible loss. It not only tells us the reasons for the failures and achievements done in the past by us but also the probable accomplishments or rejections that we might face in the future.

G.D Vashist is such an nice and kind hearted person, who actually listens human beings problems personally and providing them remedies to solve their problems and concerns. He actually researched and prepared so many other books related to Happy Married Life, Manglik Upaye,Santaan Sukh etc. This is further increased by the unselfish motive of G.D Vashist Ji and his kindness for the entire mankind.

This is quiet evident by the G.D Vashist Ji mission statement "BAS AB DUKH AUR NAHI" which means “NO MORE SUFFERINGS.”