Akshaya Tritiya - 28th April, 2017
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Sagittarius Horoscope

Apr 24, 2017

by Pankaj khanna

Some of you might be feeling terribly nostalgic, so go ahead and take a walk down memory lane. The atmosphere improves in the wee hours, so if you have a set of problems you want the universe to solve, write them down and put them under your pillow. Instruct your guides to give you the answers and in the morning, things should be a lot clearer.
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Sagittarius the ninth sign of zodiac is ruled by planet Jupiter and has a symbol of half man, half horse, i.e. Centaur - portraying the conflict between the philosophical mind and the carnal instinct of human nature. Sagittarians are positive people. These individuals are versatile, adventurous and eager to expand their range beyond the comfortable and familiar. They enjoy travel and exploring, and their minds are continuously searching for new experiences. They are ambitious, optimistic folk, and nothing seems to get them down. They are believers, and what they believe in, they are willing to fight for. They are both loyal and independent at the same time. They manage to balance both traits.
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They are generous by nature, but are quite resourceful in caring for and balancing their resources. They do not interfere with other people's plans and they are never possessive or jealous. They treat others the way they want to be treated and life. A Sagittarius never hides anything. Sagittarius is optimistic and positive, even deep inside because they believe that no matter what has happened, something good is always around the corner and the sun will always shine again. Sagittarius seem to be guided by luck, good things happen to Sagittarius and this is usually because of their optimistic outlook and positive disposition which attracts good fortune.
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Sagittarius has problems finishing some projects they started if it takes too long. They want immediate results and will move on to the next project if it takes too long. This is not because of laziness as Sagittarius is far from lazy but this motivation to move on is due to their hatred of boredom. Sagittarians have a quick temper and a biting tongue, often speaking before giving a thought to the full effect of their words. They are quick to jump on inadequacies of others while expecting full recognition of their own efforts. They can be exacting, and inconsiderate in their work life, while boastful and extravagant in their private lives.
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In the very first month of the year, you have to be wary of impulsive spends and buys. You will have to check your overspending habits and this will let you be satisfied with your earnings. Over time, by February, you will be better at making fiscal decisions and will also be better at handling business relationships. These two months will be a great time to decide on an investment or a new deal.
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Sagittarius should learn to have a balanced decision for financial planning and nay other investment. They get huge amount opportunity due to the greatest benefic Jupiter, and the planet of expansion. You should show utmost dedication towards your profession, source of income and your investment. Capricorn, lord and ruler Saturn, ninth house – ruler Sun and eleventh house- ruler Libra occupy your house of wealth.
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As per the Sagittarius health horoscope or astrology prediction for health, the year 2017 will see a Jupiter transit into the 12th house for health. In case, you are Scorpio or have peeps around who are you might like to update them on the same. Having Jupiter in the 12th house means that you will be in for a lot of exploration, learning as well as new understanding.
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2017 is the year of change for the Sagittarius native. So be ready to swim with the tide and not against it. Changes are foreseen on the relationships, lifestyle and most importantly on the career front, says your horoscope. Division of work on both the home and office front will keep the mood at home in check. This division will also help you manage your responsibilities and relationships with ease.
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A Sagittarius born has a well proportioned and a well developed body. Tall, slender generally long or oval face, large forehead, high or bushy eyebrows, long nose, bright expressive blue or hazel eyes, and clear complexion. They have a charming appearances, graceful look and beautiful figure. Brown or chestnut hair inclining to baldness especially near the temples. You are frank, fearless, demonstrative, out spoken, nervously energetic, ambitious, sincere and quick. They are blended with power of intuition and prophetic. At times they are restless, over anxious and highly strung.
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Sagittarius Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs
Sagittarius Horoscope
By Ritu Shukla
Sagittarius in one Line - Enthusiastic, optimistic, philosophical and restless
Inborn Desire - To attain liberty
Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. It starts from 240th degree of Vernal Equinox and extends up to 270 degrees. Fiery by nature, mutable and masculine, Sagittarius is a sign of Long ascension. Sign Sagittarius is also termed as Dry. Sign Sagittarius is known as a learned healer who bridges the gap between humans and beasts. Sagittarians are passionate and impulsive individuals who are able to bend and bow according to the situation and the company they are in. They have a huge desire to travel and explore to the world. They love their freedom and abhor any restrictions. Their versatility and natural optimism win them many friends but only few can stay for entire life. Sign Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter - the guardian angel, the good luck charm. It takes Jupiter 12 years to orbit the sun. Wherever Jupiter is placed in the chart it amplifies and expands the affairs connected with that house. The sign Sagittarius is represented by a Centaur - half man, half horse. The centaur suggests duel nature of sign that is infused with intellect.
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