Maha Shivratri - 24th Feb 2017
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Feb 20, 2017 Libra Horoscope

by Pankaj khanna

An idealistic, ultra-positive vibe surrounds your professional world today. Higher-ups are receptive to your abilities and your self- worth soars.
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Libra Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs
There is great news for the Librans. The month of January will actually help you sculpt your image that will persist round the year. Not just that, the Libra daily astrology horoscope this week will help shape how the Libran will fare later on in the year.

In the next couple of days, the Aquarius new moon—make note that this is the only one for 2017—will move into the 5th house. This is the house of creativity and passion. Jupiter will be lodged into your sign until October. Therefore, the astrology report predicts that a Libran will be in for major acknowledgment. Make sure you work on your body language as well since this will interfere with your present-ability. January will set the ball game rolling for how you want to present yourself—as an influencer or a go-getter.

In terms of love too, this week will help you move out of the lows and start soothing fresh. This is applicable for an existing partner too. Make sure you think logically before simply being a slave to your heart. There will arise the right moments to indulge in playful activities together, couple can actually deepen their bonds this way. Instead of indulging in fights or tantrums, find a way to bury the issues and then revamp love.

Then gain comes the all-important issue of finances. Make sure you do not level it all out. In case you have too much to handle—the key lies in prioritizing. There will be a lot of ideas yes, but make sure you find a way to germinate only few on priority. There will be scope that you impress somebody worthwhile. However, you should not be too casual about it. This week will see you having the opportunity to develop into somebody of repute. Do not simply let this phase run out. In case you have been failing in love, you will have to strengthen up. On the 27th, Mars will get a place in Aries and stay in your house for partnership over six weeks.

The one thing to keep in mind is that—you are a Libra and there is no way that your enigma can be downed. There will be some rockiness but then, your logical stance and diplomacy will sail your through. The week is set to be a mixed bag but will clear the air for the rest of the year. Go ahead and face this happily—and there’s no stopping you.
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