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Cancer Yearly Horoscope

Jan 01, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017

by Pankaj khanna

A natural balancer, you may not be feeling all that balanced as the year begins. That, however, doesn't imply you won't be enjoying the change. In fact, juggling all the work and personal life shall bring you a newer perspective and open novel avenues, waiting to be explored. North Node's challenging transit through your Sign will need to be handled carefully, though, specifically in the areas like finances and relationships. You may realize that diplomacy an tactfulness are not yielding desired results, which may, in turn, make you relatively assertive. Your message to those who take you for granted shall be pretty loud and clear now – and this approach may even help you accomplish some important tasks. Keep your cool and stay focused on the work at hand. From April onwards, you may see a surge in your growth prospects. Yet, the truth is that this year nothing will come easy. You may even have to work harder than usual. In relationships too, you will need to put in due amount of compassion, care and effort to ensure the wheels of the pillars of your life keep churning without any hassle. Good news is that despite expenses and an increased outflow, your finances shall not bother you much, provided you stay careful and don't put your money in wasteful schemes or expenses.

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Cancer Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs
2017 is an interesting bag for the Cancer crab. You will get an opportunity to pursue interesting avenues all through 2017. Be brave, this year, dear Cancer because even if you have to face your toughest competitor this year, you will come out a winner! Your astrology charts predict the strong presence of Mars, who will help you to fight every battle with great grit and determination. Your yearly horoscope also strongly recommends that you don’t act like a doormat this year. Stop retreating into your shell and face the world and its challenges head-on. Your astrology gurus are asking you to stop procrastinating and moving into action quickly!

Mars is coming visiting into your astrology charts this June-July, which will give you immense energy and confidence to start something new. Uranus is walking calmly around your house of career and ensuring some disturbances. Your yearly horoscope also suggests the presence of Pluto in your relationship area which will result in few ups and downs there.

Career in 2017

Your career graph looks very promising, says your astrology charts. While you will be able to handle many urgent issues with ease, your horoscope advises you to be prepared for many unforeseen developments on the professional front. Dear Cancer, the key to success for you is to acquire the consensus and goodwill of all your peers and superiors. Put in all your energy to achieve your goals and ambitions and nothing can stop you then, says your yearly horoscope.

Finance in 2017

Your yearly horoscope states that your financial side is looking quiet promising. Money will flow in from all quarters – wages, real estate deals, inheritance, to name a few. Your astrology gurus are advising you to keep your eyes and ears open towards many long term investments. While luck will favor you, be careful and take calculated risks especially while dealing with speculative deals. Your professional growth will contribute immensely to your financial goals, says your yearly horoscope.

Health in 2017

While you are generally on tender hooks when it comes to health – this year will be different, suggests your astrology chart. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will give your power and energy thereby improving your physical and mental health. Take up a sport and work on building your muscular strength is the suggestion for the Cancer native. Kick out those bad habits and ensure that positive energy flows freely in and out of your life. Some minor ailments will trouble you, but those can be handled easily, suggests your yearly horoscope.

Family in 2017

While you are a typical family person, this year your mindset will be different, says your yearly chart. For a change you will start to think about yourself this year, which is a good sign, dear Cancer. You will be able to work on your relationships and tune them according to your mindset. Your astrology charts predict that with Venus strongly positioned in your 4th house, domestic peace and harmony will prevail and arise in many auspicious moments on the home front.

Education in 2017

Your education space looks satisfactory dear Cancer. Your astrology charts suggest that you put the right amount of effort and commitment in order to come out with flying colors. Focus should be your mantra- says your astrology well-wishers. Studies related to humanities and arts will bring tremendous success. So think on those lines, dear Cancer.

Travel in 2017

Dear Cancer, travel is sure on your mind all through 2017. This would come via both business and pleasure. Your astrology charts highly recommend that you study about the area of visit before you visit the place to avoid any surprises or unanticipated situations.
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