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Jan 01, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017 Aquarius Horoscope

by Pankaj khanna

Thank the Lords for all the luck destined to come your way this year! Yes, it will be a year full of opportunities, gains and starry gifts – to a great extent. However, do remember that more humble and modest you are, the better shall be your chances of getting the most out of the rewards that life brings you now. And, certainly take your lessons from the challenges you may have faced in the year gone by, and vow to not repeat your mistakes. Mid-January to March 2017 shall be a fortunate time; you will travel. Work and studies too shall bring you gains at the time. Thank the mighty planet of Jupiter for the entire windfall. Thanks to Him, there shall be not being any major financial constraint for you. However, here's a word of caution – since the slow moving Saturn transits through your Sign for most part of the year, you must make an effort to remain disciplined and cautious in all you attempt. Also, be careful of temptations and distractions, which are likely to woo you, especially post August 2017. On the health front, there is not much, which will bother you, yet it shall pay to remain watchful. One's planning to initiate a relationship must be in full swing as the year opens, but there may be some hitches in forging a long-term relationship, given Ketu's influence. At work, remain open and candid, rather than overly aggressive. Accept newer challenges, and certainly do justice to your work – at all times.
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Aquarius Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs
As an Aquarius born individual, you will always like to be in the company of many people. Here is the yearly Aquarius horoscope to learn what this year has in store for you. People might often feel that you are offbeat and eccentric as you will most often love to make bizarre comments. You will make people understand that none can tame you. Unable to tolerate being treated unjust in any situation, you will immediately flare up to say you have the right to something that is denied to you. Your love for magic and chemistry are unparalleled. You always wish to work with a team and will like to take up challenges so easily.

Being ruled by the planet Mars, you will always love adventurous outdoor life. The most favorable years for you shall be 44 and 67, while 28, 33 and 68 years shall be unfavorable to you. You will shine well in engineering and medical related careers and occupations. Those tasks that have an element of originality, innovation and creativity shall attract you the most. Your spiritual bent of mind shall motivate you to take up or support several religious or charitable initiatives. You will promote sound learning and will be highly keen to promote your knowledge to great heights.

While every year brings people a set of successes, failures, happiness, sorrows, lucks and unfortunate turn of events, here are the most comprehensive Aquarius yearly horoscope predictions. You can learn here about your career, studies, love life, lucky aspects, cautions and guidelines on how to go about every aspect of life in detail here.
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