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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Jun 26, 2017

by Pankaj khanna

While traveling you should take extra care with credit cards and important documentsThe atmosphere between you and your other half could be more fraught than usual because you need to adjust to one another's current moods

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Prediction 2017 for Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius)
Trade and business- This year will increase expenses for you in business. Due to the undue expenditure, you will feel stressed and restless. People associated with politics will have to sweat away before they can establish their position in the political circle. You will receive results according to the efforts you make. Read more
Celebrity Astro-Numerologist Anupam V Kapil on Annual Forecast 2017 based on Lagna: Aquarius
Aquarius: This is a sunshine year for you, achievements, fame and rewards are in store for you as the year progresses. Venus, the most benefic planet for your chart is powerfully placed from January to April ensuring good financial prospects and inflows. Besides from January to June 20 onwards Saturn moves into your eleventh house increasing your gains and income. Read more
Results of Ketu (Dragon’s tail) transit in Kumbha (Aquarius) (1st January 2017 to 17th August 2017)
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Aquarius Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs
As an Aquarius born, you are a robust individual with a sportive temperament and a high degree of intelligence. Very few can be honest and transparent like you. You always believe in your own value system and would like to go the straightforward route. You are never tired of learning and would actively pursue the path of hard work to achieve your cherished ends. Your sympathy and kind heart shall always benefit those around you.

Mars is your ruler and therefore you are brave and fearless to the core. Some of the illnesses that will trouble you frequently include brain fever, giddiness, nose bleeding, inflammation of the brain, and diseases related to face. Some of the most popular professions for your zodiac sign include consultancy jobs, engineering related professions, medical occupation and technical jobs. As a born leader, you are an impressive personality who can move masses. Your friendly signs include Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini and Libra while your life partner shall be a Taurus or Virgo born one.

Here is your daily horoscope predictions related to career, love life, business, studies, lucky forecasts, cautions and guidelines for the day. Take the guidance from these readings and plan your day so that you do not miss out turning every stone to success. With persistent hard work and balanced decisions, luck is always in your favor and therefore you have no reasons to lose heart. Here is Aquarius daily horoscope to tell how lucky you are going to be today and where you need to be careful.
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