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Overview 2013

By Dr. Surendra Kapoor

/photo.cms?msid=17678258 Aries (Mesh)
(Chu, Choo, Che, Chai, Cho, Chow, La, Laa, Li, Lee, Lu, Loo, Le, Lai, Lo, Lau, A, Aa)

Year in a nutshell: 2013 is a very good year for Aries natives. Favorable results will be more and you will perform well in your work field. More income will be at your hands but you may not be in a position to hold and save. 7th house Saturn may disturb your health very often. Your spouse’s health may also suffer due to Rahu in 7th you will enjoy very favourable period between 15th April to 24th May. You may opt for new vehicle or property. Buying of costly electronic gadgets are not ruled out. However, health needs care and caution. Food and sleeping habits require careful monetaring. Regular exercise and Yoga will be of immense help.

Work field and Finance: An encouraging year of business prospect and those in service may expect promotion. Colleagues will be quite co-operative and your seniors and boss will remain happy with you. You may get a good order in your trade so work with your full capacity to improve your financial strength during this favourable year.

Family: Domestic life needs careful handling. Conjugal relation may also have frequent misunderstandings since Rahu and Saturn in 7th have ill effect in domestic life. Ketu in your sign for the entire year may give you the news of serious ill health on demise of your some close relation or friend.

Studies and Career: This is a good year for students and those seeking higher education will get opportunity. Full attention on studies may make you get success in some competitive examination. Students who will go to abroad for higher studies may get success in their efforts.

Intimate relations: lover/Beloved’s pressure and family commitments may sandwich you to a very unpleasant situation – so be careful. Ego-clash between the spouses may disturb conjugal relationship. All told, romance may not reach the desired end i.e., marriage.

Vehicles and Auspicious ceremonies: Good income will lead you towards luxuries life. Ketu in Lagna and Jupiter in 2nd up to 31st May also force you to spend extravagantly. You are advised to keep your purse tight.

Untoward happenings: Unfavourable quarter is August, September and October. You are advised not to venture into speculative transaction. As loss is apparent due to debilitated Mars. This planet may trap you in profit dreams but eventually may give you losses. More care and cautions is needed.

Journeys: Frequent travel may disturb your routine and adversely impact on your health. Between May and June you might go for a long tour. Foreign tour is also foreseen.

Taurus (Vrishabha)
(I, Ee, U, Oo, E, Aie, O, Ou, Va (Ba), Vaa (Baa), Vi (Bi), Vee (Bee), Bu, Boo, Be, Bai, Bo, Bau)

Year in a nutshell: 2013 is going to be a year of wish fulfillment. Your past efforts will be recognized and appreciated. Businessmen will be successful in their schemes and profit margin will be higher. Service men will get due promotion with coveted post. Persons waiting to come back home will be will be successful with desired transfer. Ceremonies will be many so a check on expenses is necessary. Ketu’s transit in 12th house may aggravate your expenditures in general and on traveling in particular. However, seasonal health issues and stomach problems may disturb you very often. Check food habits and lethargy tendency to work well for better working life. Utilize the whole year for positive development so plan ahead for deriving maximum of benefits from this favourable period.

Health: Health will rather remain a little inclement and you should take all care as old afflictions might surface. Also keep your routine regular with exercise and balanced food intake.

Work field and Finance: you will not only do well professionally but shall also help you friends to accomplish their targets quickly. Rahu in 6th will make you have cordial relations with the high officers who shall be greatly helpful. Keep your account book well updated as some legal irritant may surface in the tax matters.

Family: Jupiter shall be in your sign up to 31st May removing all progeny related concerns and worries. Though conjugal relations may not be smooth. Seniors family member’s health may cause worry after 31st March 2013.

Studies and Career: Success at the competitive exams or interview is assured. Promotion will be almost a certainty.

Intimate relations: You love beauty by your innate nature but you are advised to remain quite balanced in your dealings with the opposite sex. Chances are that an exposure of your secret affairs may disturb your conjugal life. If at all you need to be very cautions. You shall be quite helpful to your friends.

Vehicles, Expenditure and Auspicious ceremonies: Expenditure on the celebration of some auspicious ceremony at home will be quite high. You will also invest good money on landed property. You will take big life policies for your children and yourself.

Untoward happenings: No loss in business is apparently indicated but old debts may continue up to June end. Do not rely on any stranger lest you be trapped in some conspiracy.

Journeys: Between My and July you may plan a long journey.

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