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Your Vedic Sun Sign and Year 2014


/photo.cms?msid=27840014 This year for you based on Vedic Sun Signs

Aries : (April 14 – May 14)

During the period January to March the major planets are beautifully placed from your sign. Jupiter is posited in the third house, Saturn, Rahu in the seventh house, Mars in the sixth house and Sun in the ninth house. Sun will transit over the ninth house in January and will transit from there to the tenth, eleventh and finally to the twelfth house in March. This placement will bring forth excellent career opportunities. Business can be expanded and augmented during this period and professionals can make huge strides in this phase. This is a good period to enhance and build your contacts. You can also establish significant connections with those in authority. You meet with success in examinations and competitions.

The period from April to July will also be one of consolidation and success. Your efforts will be successful if looking for jobs through competitions or exams. Those of you who are looking to settle overseas will be able to do so in this period. There would be harmony and closer bonds in the family and an event for celebration will bring in much joy and happiness.

The planetary configuration during August to December will bring you some mixed results. Jupiter will be in the fourth house, Rahu in the sixth house and Saturn will transit into the eighth house from your sign in November. You would face some difficulties and obstacles which will hamper your progress. You should tread with care and avoid all kinds of risks during this time. Stopping to think things through will have a profound and positive effect. Give due attention to your health.

Taurus : (May 15 – June 15)

The planetary configuration from your sign from January to March will be favourable giving you support and strength. Jupiter will be posited in the second house, Mars in the fifth house and Saturn, Rahu will transit in the sixth house. Your finances will improve and your efforts combined with your financial acumen will bring you beneficial results. Family matters will progress smoothly and an auspicious event can also be a cause for celebration and happiness. With a lot of hard work put in you will get wonderful results in exams and competitive matters. Your heightened creativity will pave the way for further success especially if you are in the field of literature, writing, fine arts, performing arts, cinema or sports.

You fare well in the period between April and July. The stars will continue to favour you. For those who are seeking a job or change of assignment through competitive means will get success. For others developments in their present place of work will prove to be favourable and will lead to advancement. Rivals and competitors will step up their activities but there will be no adverse effects of such actions. This is a period of contentment and happiness.

Most planets are well-placed in the period from August to December. Jupiter will be in the third house from your sign and Rahu will transit over the fifth house. In November Saturn will move into the seventh house from your sign. In this phase your prowess would enhance and you would establish very strong contacts which will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Those in creative fields will be able to further their prospects. There will be ample opportunities for travel including overseas travel and these journeys will bring in gains.

Gemini : (June 16 – July 15)

The placement of some major planets from your Vedic Sun sign is as follows: Jupiter will be in your sign, Mars will be posited in the fourth house and Saturn will transit over the fifth house. This is not a very favourable planetary configuration as you will get success and meet your goals only after some trials and tribulations. Those preparing for exams need to step up their efforts in order to get desired results. Make sure that you do not fritter away time and energy in unproductive activities. You will have to contend with large workloads even though you fare well and get accolades and praise for a job well done. The key to meeting the challenges of this period is to remain calm and focused.

There will be a marked improvement in the period between May and August. Jupiter will transit to the second house in June and Rahu will transit over Virgo in July. You will meet with opportunities to further your career. There is a strong possibility of a change of place. Finances will stabilize and efforts made in the financial sector will bring in gains. The stars are favourable and this is an opportune time to invest in property or even a vehicle. You would meet some challenges on the domestic front but you will tackle them with adroitness.

Things will improve further from September to year-end. In November Saturn will transit over your sixth house. If looking for a job through means of an exam or competition then you will meet with success. If there is any ongoing legal matter in court then the decision will go in your favour. Peace and harmony will prevail in the family and good news will bring in celebrations in its wake.


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