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Tarot Forecast 2014


/photo.cms?msid=27674083 The year 2014 is just round the corner and the mere mention of a new year evokes curiosity about what lies ahead in the coming year. Renowned Tarot Reader Nandita Pandey reveals the future with divinity of Tarot Cards. Read Now!

Finances grow as the year progresses. You might plan to buy a new property or might shift to a better place during this phase of your life. Matters of heart indicate soft and subtle romance and most of your problems related to love life shall be resolved subtly and softly as the year progresses. The cards guide you to keep a check on your health especially when it concerns you abdominal area. Being too aggressive in your work front is a big NO as any instantaneous actions that you take during this year might boomerang back at you. Also keeping your bosses and also a man with a domineering personality in good humour is the key to success and growth in your work related area. You need to be more flexible in your attitude and deal with an open easy communicative mind as it helps in developing understandings and mutual respect amongst family members throughout the year. Latter half of the year brings in success and happiness and you shall be able to handle difficult projects with ease and comfort.


Offering curd with sugar to a girl child on Fridays throughout the year helps you in overcoming hurdles in life.


Matters of heart shall be extremely pleasant, romantic and harmonious. You might be confused about two important decisions related to your love life and wouldn’t know which one to follow. The cards guide you to follow your intuitive instincts as it guides you towards the best possible outcome and a state of peace in your life. Professionally, you will grow and June onwards there will be benefits that shall come in from unexpected resources. Financial matters need better handling as its going to be a slow process where whatever you seek might take a little more time to accomplish. Health will keep you in a fit shape though there shall be bouts and phases of rest that would be the need of the hour in this year/ you might plan to travel to a destination that you had often thought off but could never take off for one reason or other. This is the year when travels to destinations much sought after by your heart gets accomplished and brings in happy memories along with them. A youngster who believes in taking quick actions helps you by the end of the year.


Hang a crystal 6 rod wind chime in the west side of the house for good luck charm.


Financially this sounds to be an excellent year for you when investments shall be profitable and successful. You will be happy with the way situations turn up in your financial matters. Professionally being realistic in your projects helps you in achieving further success in life. Promises made to you might not be fulfilled and it is best to be more pragmatic in your business dealings. Matters of heart would need more patience and wisdom in dealing with issues related to women in your life. This year you will witness a lot of positive changes in your family matters. There is a divine cycle that supports you in your efforts to create peace and harmony in your family life. Travels made during this year shall be favourable and growth oriented. They can give you even better results if you are able to keep your perceptions flexible and look into opportunities in life with an open mind. Latter half phase of the year shall be favourable and pleasant. The cards guide you that being pragmatic in life helps you in achieving a lot of success in life.


A Jade Buddha figurine placed diagonally opposite your main entrance helps in warding off negative energies in your life.



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