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Shradh Puja


Shradh Puja and offerings- Homage to Pitra’s

The deceased souls or Pitras are ancestors from our current lifetimes. It is believed that Pitras with lord Ganesha’s grace approach the earth once a year to get relief from their sufferings. During these days they feed on the willing offerings made to them by descendants. If offerings are not made willingly they forcefully take good fortune energies from their unwilling or ignorant descendants.

Depending upon the date of death (tithi) of the ancestor (if known), a specific day is allotted for making the offerings and Puja to them. If the tithi is not known, then the offering can be made on the first or last day of Shradh. These offerings are being made to Pitras who are the most in need of help and those Pitras who are obstructing one's progress the most.

Astrospeak, keeping in mind the need of its clients has organised special Shradh pujas during Pitra Paksh.

The ritual shall contain the Puja offered to the Pitra on his/her death Tithi. The puja is performed by able and learned priests in strict accordance with Vedic rituals as prescribed in classics. One time proper food is offered to a Brahmin.

Rice , Gamcha , Banana , Supari , Dhoop.

Tithes of various Shradh’s during 2013

19 September (Thursday) Purnima Shraddha

20 September (Friday) Pratipada Shraddha

21 September (Saturday) Dwitiya Shraddha , Tritiya Shraddha

22 September (Sunday) Chaturthi Shraddha

23 September (Monday) Maha Bharani

24 September (Tuesday) Panchami Shraddha

25 September (Wednesday) Shashthi Shraddha

26 September (Thursday) Saptami Shraddha

27 September (Friday) Ashtami Shraddha

28 September (Saturday) Navami Shraddha

29 September (Sunday) Dashami Shraddha

30 September (Monday) Ekadashi Shraddha

01 October (Tuesday) Magha Shraddha , Dwadashi Shraddha

02 October (Wednesday) Trayodashi Shraddha

03 October (Thursday) Chaturdashi Shraddha

04 October (Friday) Sarva Pitru Amavasya

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