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Mercury and its role in Skin Diseases

/photo.cms?msid=9454984 In my medical practice, I often come across severe cases of skin troubles in patients, the diseases being quite diverse in nature and their terminology like psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus, dermatitis, acne vulgaris or urticaria. Most of these diseases are chronic and are quite irritating in nature for the patients who are often at a loss to understand the cause of these diseases. Modern medical science has not been of much help in these cases as it is unable to cure these diseases and the only solution that it offers is temporary in nature.

Trying to understand the real cause of these diseases, I have often resorted to astrology and tried to fall back upon the understanding of the planets and their nature and their ability to cause and cure certain diseases. I have often seen the horoscopes of such individuals having skin diseases and have found that the common thing running with all patients suffering from skin troubles is a weak Mercury. Whatever the name of the disease or trouble, in cases of skin diseases, Mercury has been found to be weak or afflicted.

To understand how it happens, it is important to understand the nature of Mercury, its mythological importance, its size, shape and color. Amongst all the planets Mercury is the nearest to Sun. It revolves round the Sun in 88 days. This makes it one of the faster planets. Its diameter is nearly 3032 miles, which is just about two-fifths of earth’s diameter, thus making it one of the smallest planets of the solar system. Mercury can rarely be seen with the naked eye, as it is never more man 28 degrees away from the Sun, making it difficult to be seen. Being quite close to the Sun, it is often combust as within 8 ½ degrees of the Sun, it loses all its power.
Mercury or budh, as it is more commonly known, is known as a royal planet in astrology. According to Hindu mythology Mercury is said to be the son of Moon. It represents youth and is known as the prince among the planets. It is greenish in colour. It represents the knowledge of the individual that has been memorised or learnt. It does not represent the wisdom of the individual, which is the preserve of Jupiter.
It is assumed to fly with wings. All these refer to the innate qualities of the planet- duality, royalty, speed and wisdom. Since it is a fast moving planet, it gives it results also very fast. As soon as the dasa of Mercury starts, it results start flowing unlike that of Saturn, which is a slow moving planet and therefore takes a long time to give results. Mercurial people generally have a youthful appearance. Mercury rules intellect also. Being an intellectual planet, people ruled by Mercury or having strong Mercury are very intelligent. Mercury endows one with strong memory. Strong Mercury represents a subtle and sharp mind, intellect and well defined logic. A person influenced by Mercury will be interested in knowing the occult sciences also. And most importantly, it represents ths skin of the individual.

The nature of the disease in a person may vary depending upon the nature of the planet afflicting Mercury. It is a well known astrological fact that Saturn is a slow moving planet and causes chronic diseases that are difficult to cure and carry on for a long period of time. Similiarly, Mars is a fiery planet and is known for its violent behavior. Therefore the troubles caused by Mars come on suddenly and are very forceful in nature. Rahu is a slain demon without any body of its own and therefore the problems it causes are also similar in nature, which cause a lot of anxiety but have no substance. Moon is a watery planet and represents fluids in the body. It is also a fast moving planet and a changeable one as its shape and size changes everyday.

Keeping the nature of these planets in mind is important in getting to understand the diseases that a person may be troubled with. In case Saturn afflicts the mercury of a person, he can be prone to chronic skin troubles which are difficult to cure and keep progressing slowly despite the best possible treatments. In case mars afflicts such a mercury, there are often violent and sudden aggravatations and patients often see long periods of remission when they are not at all troubled by any disease. It is only occasionally that the disease surfaces and it happens quite suddenly and violently. In case Rahu affects Mercury, the disease is often difficult to diagnose and the patient is often at a loss to understand what afflicts him or her. Such people are also often prone to sudden outbreaks or episodes of diseases. The involvement of Moon in such cases leads to the formation of pus or in cases of eczema, there is often oozing of discharges. This is known as wet eczema. In cases where there is involvement of Ketu, one often sees infections and allergic reactions to different antigens.

Lay people often ask how different planets cause different diseases, and how is one able to decipher these relations. One must understand that astrology is all logic, just like any other science. Only thing is that not many people are able to explain it in a logical way or may be the practitioners of this science themselves are not able to understand the logical nature of this science. To be able to understand the logic of the planets, one needs to make oneself thoroughly familiar with the nature of the different planets.
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