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2012 Annual Forecast by Anupam V Kapil

/photo.cms?msid=11433291 2012, the year of Mercury, number 5 affects your love,career,health and wealth, astro-numerologist Anupam V Kapil tells all by your Moon sign rashi.

Aries: 2012 brings you a lot of relief on all fronts as for most of the first half of the year your ruling planet, Mars, the war lord remains extremely favourably disposed and also well aspected by Jupiter. Just take care of not taking any rash decisions between 24 January to 13 April, this period shall offer a period of review of circumstances and decisions taken now will impact you on the long term, so don’t hurry. Issues related to brothers and siblings may occupy your time during this period. The first half of the year shall help you complete a lot of your monetary ambitions, from January itself, good breaks in your career are sure, from March to July is simply a dream period, especially for businessmen, the only thing you need to do is keep promoting your business and yourself, meet people, socialize, forge new contacts as that will help you for years to come. Mid May to June is a slightly cautious period, don’t lend money or invest in get rich fast or money multiplier schemes. Financially, you can expect to really grow in your work and business, there is no doubt at all that big new projects will be yours as 2012 is sure to multiply your finances multifold as Saturn also favours you considerably, you need to be on guard between July-August when there may be rivalry at work/business and you may suffer losses, if you don’t take abundant caution. This period also puts pressure on your spouse’s health and your own personal relationships too. Take care of your health in August-September as this is a high stress period, avoid fights and litigations during this period, if you can. October-November is also a low energy period for you where your self defenses and health will be down, love also takes a beating during this period, so watch your words. The first half of the year is excellent for those in love, to flirt, propose or marry, but the period between September to November is full of misunderstandings and quarrels, in some cases even enmities due to love spurned down.

Taurus: The year starts on a pretty good note with your sign lord pretty well placed, bringing in good breaks and opportunities. Saturn too is placed well to end your long standing litigations this year. Professionally too, you shall be working extremely hard this year, but some blockages/delays are possible between February second week and June second week. January 9 to February is an excellent period for those looking for new jobs, those desiring a switch can make a favourable shift during this period. Businessmen should make additional efforts during this period as success is guaranteed during this period and better gains are seen between February 23 to 28, during which your finances position shall also be excellent. In terms of finance , your cash and liquidity will be at its best in February and August, buying and selling of property, new vehicles now shall be favorable now, so plan your budgets, spending and investments accordingly to reap maximum benefits. June to August is a very rewarding period where a lot of achievements come your way, enjoyment of various kind of pleasures is foreseen, gain from women, acquisition of wealth and properties is indicated. Your health shall improve after January 15 th, but visits to the doctor at intervals will be necessary till second week of May. The more delicate periods would be in March-April and October last week to November second week. If married, your spouse’s health needs attention in August due to the Mars-Saturn conjunctions in Libra. Your love life in 2012 seems quite good, the best period will be May 22 to June 21 and September, new affairs are highly probable during this period. Between 12 March to 4 April, July 14 to Aug 8, love affairs would be under difficult influences and likelihood of misunderstanding shall be very high, but for those who had broken affairs just before these dates, may witness resumption of ties again, in short a period of review for affairs will be available once again to take a final decision. November is the worst month for your romantic life, even treachery or break ups are quite likely during this period, which is otherwise also bad on all counts.

Gemini: The indications for the year ahead look quite eventful, notwithstanding challenging times which may test your patience too. Mars is well positioned till June giving you enough courage and strength to deal with any kind of situation. Jupiter also continues to favour you till the second week of May. For those intending to buy a new house/conveyance January 9 to March 28 and September 14 to October 1 seem to be the probable period of fulfillment of your dreams. Whether it is seeking new jobs/new business opportunities, February to April are extremely conducive in increasing your fortune in every way. May 17 th onwards your expenses will shoot up and losses too are indicated. July to September shows some recoveries and return of somewhat better times. Peace of mind gets disturbed in March, July and November, this is also a period where you should avoid dealing in old/new property and avoid buying new vehicles. You need to take care of your health between January 23 to February 10, May 22 to June 4, visits to doctors are likely between May to July. As far as love life is concerned from January your love life moves smoothly till February 2 and then again between February 29 to March 28 is an excellent time to marry if you are single, or convert that affair into marriage. May 15 to June 4 is a period of review in matters of love and affection, an earlier lover may come back in your life, if you break up with someone during this period, you are likely to review it again. For love affairs the best period is August and November, but December is a period of enmities in love, lust may be mistaken for love and regretted later. The period between May 21 and June 14 will be a very testing on all counts, whether they are domestic affairs or property related matters, things will simply not go your way now.

Cancer : Mars is the planet that propels your career in 2012 and pretty much secures your position till June. However, there is a small period of caution, between February and April, which you must be try to be sober and avoid any aggressive posturing in your career as it may backfire, this includes trying to resign or switch to a new job. From May, Jupiter also supports you tremendously. January starts with a bit of uneasiness on the domestic and emotional front, unsolved issues bother you, it could also be a property related issue. During the year, the weak moments for your health shall be the months of February, June and December. The most fruitful period for your career and achievements shall be February to May, with your strength rising with each passing month, so play your cards well and encash on opportunities and business introductions. July to October also seem to be hugely eventful months, but maximum money flows in between July-August. Smart real estate deals could get you profits, especially between September-October. Your love life in 2012 seems to be pretty smooth, except for some small patches, especially between February to April, when there may be some misunderstands, but a substitute lover option shall always be ready. Tension in your domestic life, or health issues of your spouse shall disturb you in August due to the Saturn-Mars contacts. November-December is a period of great temptation and a khichadi in your love life is cooking up, some not so nice characters may attract you and you may end up in a soup if you let the joy ride go a bit far, it looks very strange indeed, there shall be more than three options at hand, and you may be double timing, watch out, as your reputation could get sullied due to the Sun, Rahu, Venus contacts towards the end of the year. For health matters, February, June and December are the weak periods for you where overwork or sickness can affect you.

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