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Rahu's 18 month transit in Enemy Sign - Scorpio

/photo.cms?msid=8204302 On 4th May 2011, Rahu has transited in enemy sign Scorpio and shall stay here for next 18 months. With this ketu shall remain positioned in Taurus. Astronomically as per Vedic Astrology, Rahu and Ketu are Shadow Planets. These entities denote the two points of intersection of the Sun and the Moon orbits as they move around the celestial sphere. Hence, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the Northern and the Southern lunar nodes. In celestial sphere being sensitive points these assume great importance.

As per Predictive Astrology, Rahu one among the Navgrahas (nine planets) who is portrayed as a Snake head that swallows the luminaries causing eclipses. Astrologically Rahu is a Demon and Master of deception and manipulation. It is seen as terror inspiring God. He rides the chariot drawn by eight black horses. Rahu is considered with so much inauspiciousness that the Rahu Kalam (time of day under the influence of Rahu) is abstained to take on any good activities.

Rahu is often associated with bad in one’s life. An afflicted, ill placed Rahu signifies cheating, harsh speech, overseas, dearth and want, argument, falsehood, cunningness, gambling, quarrels, suicide, slavery, lust of materialism, uncontrolled growth without wisdom or understanding .

Rahu’s currant transit in enemy sign Scorpio can be a source of concerns for many. Taking note of the Kaalpurush Kundli( by default Aries is ascendant and 1st house of horoscope), its transit in 8th house of the horoscopes can lead to increase in Sexually transmitted diseases in individuals, impotency in men, frequent miscarriages and infertility in women. In some cases it might lead to temporary evil yogas in horoscope hampering the professional and financial growth of natives. Individuals with Aries, Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius A, Sunsign or Moon sign may face the heat of this transit. To keep things in order propitiating Rahu shall act as an added support.

In general Rahu transit can confer following effects for the natives. In any case, the specific results are heavily dependent on the basic strength of the natal chart, transits and also the running dasha of the individual studied all in synchronization..

Aries Decision in professional and financial terms shall be made after thinking pro and cons of the situation. Better to give them a second thought. Overseas professional and educational opportunities are expected for some. New dealing and clients need to be handled carefully. Expectations of family members and friends can be high. Think twice before making commitments. Family squabbles, useless expenses, fear of accidents are likely. Mind remains tense Health of some dear one can be source of concern. Better to check your diet.

Taurus Professional life can turn erratic adding to stress. Sudden happening and surprises lies ahead in store for you. Over analysis can only lead to confusions. Long lasting commitments and investments shall not be compromised for short-term goals and benefits. It shall be better to go by your instincts and intuitions. Trips can be there for business and entertainment. Family, friends and children can bring joy and happiness in life.

Gemini Past lulls/ delayed payments shall be recovered. Some of you shall able to settle your much disputed financial matters. Profits from speculations, rent payments can get little delayed. Professional and financial life shall be smooth. There is no need to overdo things. Efforts done in the past shall yield results. Your patience shall pay off. Family life shall be as usual without much of changes. Children can be source of concern. Health shall remain on better side.

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