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2014 - Your Career Profile by Bejan Daruwalla

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Year 2014: A bird's eye view!

The year 2014 may begin on a high note, and the positive energy shall last all throughout the year. But refrain from being impulsive, or you may end up making mistakes in a hurry that you shall have to repent at leisure. Look before you leap, think before you speak – is the mantra you should follow during the year ahead, since it will save you from a lot of trouble, says Ganesha. Be clear in your head about what you want to express, what you would rather hold back, especially on the personal front, because any sort of miscommunication is likely to have a cascading (negative) effect on your whole life. Good news is that some long-standing issues may finally reach resolution, enabling you to focus on other vital areas of your life. Take a small break, but also be ready to tackle some new scenarios, tips Ganesha.

Job & Career: Developments are foreseen. Be patient, though!

A busy year on the career front is on the cards, foresees Ganesha. While there will be some movement on this front all throughout 2013, your career, in all likelihood, will take a positive turn towards the year-end. Brimming with enthusiasm, you will be in a mood to accomplish your goals but you may not have at enough time at your disposal. Therefore, prioritise your tasks and take them one by one. At some point, the rewards and monetary gains may not seem adequate and you may even consider quitting your job.

Bejan Daruwalla Year 2014 Reports

Year 2014 – A bird's eye view!
Opportunities and challenges are the two sides of the same coin, and this year, you need to be ready to tackle them all with full enthusiasm. More so, because failures are foreseen. Maintain confidence levels, otherwise the setbacks will be disappointing than they actually are. You may lean towards spiritualism to find peace of mind. You may plan to take a loan to meet your increasing expenses and to lead a more comfortable life, but Ganesha is of the view that you should avoid borrowing money as the time is not right.

Job & Career: Growth is on the cards!
Career graph may go upwardly, provided you accept the change and embark on a new journey on the work front, says Ganesha. It is quite expected that you will take some time to adjust to a new work environment, but soon you will realise that you took the right decision. Workload and responsibilities may increase during 2014, and your relations with co-workers and authority figures may become strenuous. Be extremely patient, because there is no point spoiling relations with the people you interact on daily basis. Also, don't be overambitious as there is a strong likelihood that your dreams will not get fulfilled this year. Don't get disheartened, though. You should take this as a opportunity to hone to professional skills.

Bejan Daruwalla Year 2014 Reports


Year 2014 – A bird's eye view!
Since Jupiter is transiting in retrograde motion in Cancer, family and financial matters may cause some troubles during the first couple of months this year. But once Jupiter will start moving in direct motion, things shall get better considerably. However, avoid pushing your luck in the financial matters. Health-related issues may crop up time and again as Saturn is in Scorpio. Take care of yourself, advises Ganesha, as a drop in energy levels will affect all aspects of your life. Be more disciplined, be it about your domestic life, love front, career, education or finance, and you shall be fine.

Job & Career: Wait and watch!
Avoid job hopping at all cost, unless the financial gains are extremely high. Take your current job more seriously and work harder. But don't expect immediate results and rewards, otherwise you will be surely disappointed, predicts Ganesha. Be patient, your efforts will not go in vain. Besides, there is a possibility that you will come across a better job option during the second quarter of the year 2014. But there is no guarantee that you will adjust to the new work environment easily and get along with new colleagues. The best option for you right now is to stay put. Ganesha leaves it to your discretion as to what you should do next.
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