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2013 - Numerology and Fate Number

By Anupam V Kapil

/photo.cms?msid=17925130 Famous Astro-numerologist Anupam V Kapil predicts by your moon sign how 2013, the year of number 6 (Venus) will be for you.

Aries: A very fruitful period ahead in 2013. Your sign lord Mars is well placed in January/February and with other support from Venus, Mercury and Sun which also transit through your bhaagya sthan (fortune) to laabha sthaan (gains), this is indeed a period of spiritual travel, good commercial attainments and financial rewards, so, make sure you work hard during this period as gains are certain. Professionals, especially trainers, lawyers, singers, artists, actors, interior decorators and confectioners can expect good progress, good appraisals, those seeking new jobs will find the desired placements. Whatever little obstacles are witnessed shall disappear in two phases, first after 14 January and then after January 31 st. You may have some issues with your career and progress in March, businessmen could see some unexpected losses or settlement of disputes by paying compensation during this period, avoid lending money to anyone now. April seems comfortable and good, a bold an aggressive approach brings in rewards, awards, smart results and also social popularity and fame. Economically, the most fruitful months of the year are certainly April to June, with May, being especially favourable for quick money and speculation/stock markets. August and October are difficult months for finances. Slight problems through competitors or colleagues is seen between February 23 to 17 March, 26 June to 19 July and 21 October to 11 November. Guard your reputation during November as someone is out to defame you.On the family front, barring March, July and December where there may be quarrels or misunderstandings with siblings, the year looks pretty smooth. On the love and relationships front, this is a pretty active year for you, Januray-February look promising, if you miss this period, April, May, August, September are sure full of action, new relationships flourish, existing ones strengthen, but complications develop in October-November which could see termination of many important relationship, due to complications, perhaps also due to infidelity. Guard your health in March, November and December.

Taurus: Numerologically 2013 is ruled by number 6, governed by Venus, your ruling sign lord and so it promises to be a most happening and eventful year, especially the first half year. Your worries and diseases will vanish just as the morning mist vanishes upon the Sun’s first rays. One thing is for certain-that enemies and competitors will have to take a back seat this year as both Rahu-Saturn are powerfully placed in your sixth house. You have a lot of plans and new ideas in mind towards the beginning of the year, but you will need a bit of patience till things start happening your way, to be precise, 28 th January is from when your luck grows stronger by the day. Jupiter remains in your sign till May end, which promises expansion in your business. So work hard and plan things properly, meet people, socialise and network with the right people as quantum gains and achievements can be expected in February-March, a good time to consolidate your career, also for those who deal in stock markets and speculation. Professionals can expect the right breaks now, a good time to switch or make a change, if you wish to do so. Things will be a bit volatile in April-May, you are susceptible to losses, avoid litigation now and try to settle matters by appeasement. July to August are average months, economically, March and June are the most profitable months, April would be best for renovations or buying/selling of land/property, some unexpected financial reverses are possible in first two weeks of July.. On the health front, you need to take care in April-May as you are prone to injuries to the feet, weak energy levels are seen in November-December. Your love life improves after 15 th January, with slight ups and downs from late February to March 17. And 28 April to 12 May, after which your romantic life shall be steady till 25 th June. October-November are also a challenging period in your relationship front. For those wanting to marry, the stars are favourable upto May end.

Gemini: It has been a somewhat tough year end for most Gemini’s, but things will start looking up from February when most planets will pass through the productive areas of your chart. January is a tough month, avoid taking important career decisions till February 2, after which you shall see positive signals of opportunities and capitalisation of them. February to May brings promise to professionals, job seekers and businessmen. Partnerships undergo difficult time in January and from 7 November to 6 March 2014, this is a time for review, also your spouse’s health could cause concern. Business and spiritual travels in March, a commanding position at work from 17 March to mid May is indicated. June-July bring in good financial gains and fill your coffers. The real boost comes with Jupiter entering your sign on 31 May and it shall resolve ll your problems and bring in happiness, hope and joy and marriage for those trying to work things out. Overall, financially, this will be a great year, provided you don’t push things in January, be patient. Health matters need attention in January(legs), February May and December. Jupiter being retro In January and Venus transiting your 8 th house between 28 January to 21 February suggest you to handle relationships tactfully as this period is likely to be quite rough, once this period is gone, positivity returns. June seems to be especially significant for those single and wanting to marry. September-October are full of temptations, you may have inappropriate or adventurous short term affairs, your libido will be very high during this period. December is again a period of turbulence in love.

Cancer : Last year had been very eventful for most of you and the first half of 2013 till May continues to be so. A short crisp advise to you would be to capitalise as much as you can till May since your fortune lord Jupiter will not be favourable during the second part of the year. January is a mixed month, with plenty of energy and determination, but not much result, February is tough, nothing goes your way, trends change from 4 March and 17 March onwards you are in safe territory, things beginning happening your way, the icing on the cake comes in April-May when professional attainments, rewards, promotions, big breaks at work, new jobs and big contracts for businessmen brings a smile on your faces. Travels in March-April bring favourable gains, this is the best period for marketing and advertising your products. You shall hog the limelite in April-May. From June , with Jupiter changing signs, luck will not be fully supportive, losses and huge expenses are seen in June-July, but things show improvement in August-September and November, economically too, smart gains are shown during this period. A year to be careful on the health front, especially in February second half, June and October, do not take things casually. Jupiter being weak, those with asthma, liver and pancreas problems need to take special care, between November and February 2014. Those suffering from blood pressure and heart problems are advised caution in October. Those married might experience some difficulties/concerns to/with spouse between 18 February to 8 July, whether in relationships or with their health, a period of review, take decisions after deep contemplation only, remedies of Saturn are a must now. For those in love, February, June, July are rough months, March to May is a bright period in your love life, in fact those single must try to get married before Jupiter leaves Taurus in May end. 19 August to 4 October are passionate times for lovers.

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