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Moon sign Predictions 2012 -Sagittarius

By Ritu Shukla

As per Vedic Astrology the onset of year 2012 is embarked by presence of exalted Saturn in Libra, Jupiter in Aries, Rahu in Scorpio and Ketu in Taurus. In various spheres of life Year 2012 can bestow following general effects for individuals born under various Moon signs.


Nov 22 - Dec 21

2012 Overview
During 2012 you shall enjoy more free-spirited and faithful attitude towards. Your intuition is heightened to possibly even uncanny levels this year. While the year is a contented one on many levels, you enjoy an increasing feeling of hope, optimism and growth.

You shall be building on your resources, getting your finances straightened out, and learning a great deal about what makes you, and the people around you, tick. The area of life that is subject to the most changes is your close relationships, or partnerships or re-evaluating intimate relationships.

Some of your work is done in seclusion, or you work behind the scenes this year. Love finds you most readily mid-February to mid-March--a power period for your powers of attraction. An especially active period for career matters occurs in October.

Career Forecast-
Jupiter, the planet of abundance, placed in 5th house to your Moonsign graces 9th house as well as your Moonsign. During first quarter of the year, activities that take place "behind the scenes" or otherwise privately are especially beneficial. During first quarter of the year a deep faith that everything will work out is with you now. This is a time when you can rid yourself of self-destructive tendencies, deep-seated fears, and deeply-ingrained tendencies towards guilty feelings. During second quarter of the year you are likely to discover resources that you never knew you had. Help seems to be magically there when you need it, and your own awesome strength and faith is always there to draw upon. Imaginative undertakings could boost your income this year. You could be working on a project in solitude or behind the scenes, and when you do come out with it, it could be quite profitable. This year, you are learning that too much emphasis on the importance of material possessions can work against you. You are learning to put more value in the intangibles in life. You are also inclined to take a few more risks with your finances, or unusual ways of making money could be in place during Nov. and December.

Business and Finance
For most of you the focus is on the practical for much of the year. Issues related to business and financial sense shall keep you busy for most of the year. For those involved in business shall act carefully during the month of Jan. and Sept., discuss important matters and don't get into struggles or risk-taking with regard to money. Build a sound basis for what you want in the future. Be tough and clear about what you need to spend and stick to that. A period of fruition begins with October. You can expand or seek new avenues. Opportunity favors your effort through a natural development or the workings of fortune.

Relationship and Family forecast
This year most of you shall be endowed with good things happening all around. This is the time to infuse warmth in your relationships. The months of February and October might turn favorable for settlement of marriage. You are likely to enjoy much social respect. This is a good time for realization of hopes. There is good news about children, you will get name, fame and honor. Your wishes will be fulfilled. Relationship with your elders, friends and loved ones will be cordial. Friends, relations, loved ones and companions all form a full circle of happiness for you. Not ego, but love will get you what you aspire to be. You will bounce back from all difficulties you might be facing. This year, love is a powerful force at a crossroads. Some of you will have the opportunity to come closer by sharing endeavors or new projects that deepen your connection and advance your situation. Others may seek pastures new and even begin to go a new or different road from your loved one. This may or may not affect your romantic ties. For unmarried romance shall act as support for your aspirations. Others may simply be drawn to explore the realms of passion. Make sure you find yourself in those depths, rather than losing yourself. Fortunate meetings lead to new associations that can bring benefit and opportunity to advance you and your situation. You will gain not only romantically and personally but also in work or business through connections you make or renew.

Health and Travels
In terms of health you need to maintain energy levels and take good care of your health. Health problems can surface if you ignore warnings and forget to maintain balance in all aspects of life. The existing disease, if any, may be under control. Learn what you need to do and why it will benefit you. A health practitioner may play an important role for some of you while others may need to be much more conscious of what can be gained by discussing problems with informed people or experts. Changes in diet and a much better dietary balance will be at the core of the practical action you need to take. Taste and refinement with food could play an important part. Be conscious and discerning with what you eat and you may find that any health problems may take a back seat or even begin to solve themselves. You can look to this time to take preventive action with regard to health, instituting a new regime in order to alter old habits or patterns. The most important thing is to get to the heart of any situation and understand what's really going on.

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