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Your luck this week: 5th October - 11th october 2015
By Pt Deepak Dubey
Expenses may get out of control, you also need to control your emotions, some people may take advantage of your innocence, and balance needed in every aspect of life and so is in relationship too, means is balance in relationship. Outside people will support you in need. A journey will be very fruitful for you this week.
What is your zodiac sign's diet plan?
By Nikita Banerjee
Don’t you wish you never had to go on a diet and go on eating everything you loved? Well, life is not fair and our health system is definitely not fair to our taste buds. Just like everything that glitters isn’t gold, everything that tastes good isn’t great for the body. Eating rich, spicy food, frozen food or fast food will eventually get you into trouble. Just like our bodies are different and unique in their abilities, the resistance power and food palate preferences are different too. Our food preferences are much dependent on our personality types and our personalities are heavily influences by our zodiac signs. In short, our zodiac signs determine our diet preferences, i.e. what to eat and what to avoid. Let us now explore our diet plans as per zodiacs!
18 planetary combinations that cause delay in marriage!
By Sushil Kumaar Singh
There are many planetary combinations given in our classics. I am giving here few which I experienced much responsible for delayed marriage especially of a girl.
Know the timing of your marriage through Vedic astrology!
By Sushil Kumaar Singh
Only vimshottary dasha related to the seventh house is not the tool to predict the timing of the marriage. Many important things have to be read in the horoscope carefully.
What your stars say about your stocks this week: 5th October – 11th October 2015
By Anil Kumar Jain
Stock market and uncertainties go hand-in-hand. On a good day, a particular stock will earn you riches and on the other day, the same stock will lead to your downfall. Learn how to manage these uncertainties with your stock market horoscope predictions for this week.
Symbolism of colours in Astrology
By Sachin Kumar Gupta
Life would be boring without the influence of colours. We humans perceive beauty in the form of colours. For e.g. the light green of a new leaf, the orange hues of the setting sun or the cool white of the magnificent moon. We find solace and meaning in colours. However, colours have more to offer and this is ebcause each chakra in our body is represented by a colour. It further adds more meaning to our personalities and traits.
Decoding October-born personality traits
By Nikita Banerjee
The month October is here and with it come the cool chills of the north as they make way for winter. Ruled by Venus, the month of October is dedicated majorly to Libra zodiac sign while Scorpio makes an appearance towards the end of the month. October born individuals are peace-loving individuals who love harmony and want to be surrounded by beauty. The month of October is when Let us decode the personality traits of October born individuals.
How do zodiac signs take revenge?
By Nikita Banerjee
Revenge is the purest form of emotion. It comes from deep within the heart and is true to its cause. There are many ways of looking at revenge – either you take your revenge or drop it or at times, the best revenge is forgiveness. However, this differs from person to person, depending on their nature and personality. Revenge like anger, strength, love etc. is governed by the zodiac signs, i.e. each person’s personality traits are determined by their sun signs and Revenge is no different. Let us explore how each zodiac sign exacts revenge…
Your luck this week: 28th September - 3rd October 2015
By Pt Deepak Dubey
Curious to know what the weak ahead has in store for you? Read your weekly Luck horoscope based on your zodiac sign!
Physical and emotional ailment symptoms due to weak planets
By Acharya Nanak Dhawan
Suffering from health issues and can’t nail the problem? Even the doctors are at loss? This is could be due to weak planets in your horoscope. As we already know, our planets influence our lives greatly and therefore, a weak planet can wreak havoc on the individual. Here are some important symptoms of weak planets.
Understanding the reality of Pitr Dosh
By Sachin Kumar Gupta
Many astrologers often perplex the minds of their clients when they say that their kundli has pitr dosha. The truth is ,we all enjoy certain benefits or suffer from the deeds of our forefathers. There are practical occurrences in the lives of those individuals who suffer from pitr dosha. These I have observed from my 13 years of practice as an astrologer.
Astro-numerical analysis of Kishore Kumar
By Sachin Kumar Gupta
Abhas Kumar Ganguly popularly known as Kishore Kumar was born on 4th of August, 1929. He was born in Sagittarius lagna and Cancer rashi. The name number of Abhas Kumar Ganguly comes to number 13. This number gives sudden results. Moreover, his birth number is also 4, thus a sudden rise, instability and eccentric nature of the person is evident.
Why Librans rule Bollywood?
By Sanjay B Jumani
Women are from Venus, so they say. And Venus is linked to love, beauty, luxury and entertainment. Venus or No 6 in Numerology governs those born on the 6th, 15th and 24th as well as those born in the Zodiacal Sign of Taurus and Libra.
Astrological analysis of love, marriage and relationships
By Astrospeak Content
“Marriages are made in heaven” this is what we all accept as truth but reality is quite different from our dream world. In the real world, marriage is a string of unremitting adjustments. We would like to believe that love, commitments and little sweet romantic compromises will let us have a smooth sail through our married life, but the harsh reality is that a good physical relationship is a crucial ingredient in recipe of a stable and happy married life.
What your stars say about your stocks this week: 28th September – 3rd October 2015
By Anil Kumar Jain
Curious about the week has in store for you, especially how your investments in the stock market are going to fare? Read the stock market horoscope predictions based on your moon signs here!
Will the red moon change the course of your life?
By Pt Deepak Dubey
The 2nd & Last Lunar Eclipse of this Year on 28th September & Its Effect on you! The Second & Last Lunar Eclipse of this year is going to be on 28th September, 2015, it will take place on Date: 28th September, 2015 (Bhadrpad Poornima) Day: Monday Time: as per Indian Standard Time from 5:42 AM to 10:52 AM This will be a partial Lunar Eclipse and will be visible in India in the Coastal Parts of Gujarat like Dwarka, Porbandar and Kachchh Apart from India it will also be visible in North America, South America, Europe, West Asia and some parts of Africa partially in Pakistan as well.
24 Dos and Don’ts for Pitri Paksha Puja
By R K Shridhar
Pitri Paksha begins on 28th September, 2015. Purnima Sraddha (after 12:08 noon) 12th October, 2015- Amavasya Sraddha, Pitri Paksha ends.Sraddha or Shradh offered during Pitri Paksh (dark fortnight or krishnapaksha) in the month of Ashwin (September – October) is of great importance in Hindu religion. Sraddha is the ceremonies and rituals performed for the departed souls of dead ancestors. It is believed that the souls will attain peace by the Shraddh rituals performed during the fortnight.
15 Life Changing Lessons from Lord Buddha
By Nikita Banerjee
Lord Buddha, the enlightened one, is the Supreme Being. Having renounced his kingdom, riches and a comfortable life, he left behind everything to attain nirvana. His teachings and simple living has influenced many people across ages. The wonderful thing about Lord Buddha’s teachings is that they are very simple, apt and very doable even in today’s day and age. He asks us to do nothing more than listen to our inner conscious before any action or decision. We bring you 15 life changing lessons from Lord Buddha.
Your luck this week: 21st septmeber - 27th September 2015
By Pt Deepak Dubey
What does luck have in store for you this week? Read how luck will favour you as per your zodiac signs!
Top 7 Things to do when Mercury goes Direct on 10th October 2015
By Anisha Banerji
Mercury has been retrograde since Sept 17 – October 9 (provide link to the old article of Mercury retrograde) And, now that the frustration level has subsided, you can appreciate the blockages to these past three weeks. These forced time-outs from business as usual actually served an important purpose: giving you an opportunity to review, reconsider and redo aspects of your life that were sorely in need of reevaluation.