Modi’s body language gives a strong message to China
At BRICs he was restrained and uncomfortable at times, but now he is supremely confident in every move. His body language and both verbal and non verbal communication shows very strong, assertive and positive approach; seems like he is not afraid of anything.
Love, Romance and Numerology
The characteristics of a person is dependent on the psychic number, destiny number, name number, zodiac, month of birth and year of birth. This article focuses on an individual's preferences when it comes to love and sex. Read on to learn more...
Numerology of Apple, Microsoft and Google
All the three companies above have been ruling their respective industries and have some similar products to fight among themselves. Most of the people are client of all these 3 companies in some way or the other. For example right now I am using Google Chrome to write this article while operating on Windows and listening to music on an ipod. Here's a numerological analysis of the 3 companies...
Significance and Importance of Sarvpitru Moksha Amavasya
As per the Hindu Lunar calendar, the first fortnight of the month of Ashwani is designated for Karmic cleansing and for performing rituals and prayers for the ancestors. Popularly known as “Pitra Paksh” or Mahalaya Paksh; it is a 15 day period assigned to pray for peace, happiness and salvation of all the ancestors.
Trouble in Paradise: The J & K Disaster
The biggest game players in the destiny of Kashmir are numbers 6, 7 and 9. The name KASHMIR, totals to 18 which is number 9. It is symbolic of materialism trying to destroy the spiritual side of nature. It is associated with bitter quarrels, wars, social upheavals, revolutions, terrorism and making money through wars and weapons of destruction.
Auspicious effects of performing Shradh during Various Nakshatras!
Shradh is the ritual accomplished to satiate one’s ancestors. Hindu scriptures like the Agni Puran, Garud Puran, Vayu Puran etc. explain the significance of “Shradh” in details. It is believed that if one performs Shradh during a particular Nakshtra with full devotion, he will be blessed with numerous fortunes.
Your Moon Sign and Stock Markets from 15-09-2014 TO 21-09-2014
Planets have shifted to adverse position and indicate loss in speculation this week. You may not be in position to grab the opportunities. Tuesday and Wednesday may prove to be disastrous. You may not get support of bosses in profession. Investment in Communication stocks should be avoided
Legends associated with Shradh
Shradh is a rite performed by current generation to repay the debts of ancestors. It is said that ancestors (Pitrs), gods (Devas) and ghosts (Pretas) when propitiated- bestow health, wealth, wisdom, longevity and eventually salvation to the native. Read on to know more....
Kalashtami or Ashok Ashtami on 16th September, 2014
Do you know that Ashtami Shraddh is known by different names in different regions in India? Read on to know everything related with this auspicious date…
Sun-Rahu Conjunction on 17/09/14
We are observing the Pitra Paksha right now and the occurrence of Sun-Rahu Conjunction is not auspicious during this time. The presence of Sun-Rahu conjunction in a birth horoscope represents the wrath of the ancestors and it leads to lasting problems in life - this has been defined as Grahan Yoga in Astrology. Here are the probable effects of this occurrence on different zodiac signs...