Karahi Puja : A significant part of Devi Worship
Shardiya Mahotsav is celebrated all over India starting 25th September up to 4th October. During this time, Goddess Shakti is worshipped in her various forms. In eastern India, Durgotsava is celebrated on a grand scale, with Ma Durga’s idols being created out of clay and worshipped in West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and Orissa.
Venus Debilitation period: 25 Sept-19 Oct
Venus has begun debilitating on 25/09/14. During this period, some of the primary significances related to Venus would be negatively affected. Venus primarily governs the areas of marriage, spouse, finance and material comforts in astrology. As these happen to be very important aspects in everyone’s life, it is important to very careful during this negative transit.
Shardiya Mahotsav: Do’s and Don’ts
The nine Goddesses are actually the nine aspects of the Devi or the Divine Mother in Hinduism. Here are a few dos and don'ts of the puja for everyone who intends to follow the Navratri rituals. Know the mantras, special offerings, path, related to the Maha Vidya and Gayatri, associated with each goddess.
Numbers and Your Profession
When a person is engaged in a career that they love and that makes the best use of their talents, their whole life is significantly more filled with passion, purpose and joy. Each number from one through nine has certain characteristics with strengths and weaknesses, adding an interesting aspect to career choice assessment and job satisfaction. Take a look...
Navdurga: Nine forms of Energy
Mother Goddess is also called Shakti. It represents protection, love, prosperity and knowledge. Unlimited and vibrant love, compassion and mercy are regarded as the divine attributes of Mother Goddess. She is known as Durga and worshipped in different forms. Know more here...
Mahalaya Pitri Paksha: Do’s and Don’ts
Hindus perform the Shraddha rituals in order to pay obeisance to their departed forefathers or ancestors. The shraddha ceremony for the departed soul is performed on the tithi on which the person left for the heavenly abode. One who performs the shraddha ritual every year is blessed with happiness, prosperity and a long, healthy life.
Your moon sign and the stock market (22 Sept'14 to 28 Oct'14)
From New York to Mumbai, experts from all over the world are trying to figure out as to which direction the stock market is likely to go. Our experts, with deep understanding of financial astrology, say that all day to day activities in this universe, including stock market, are influenced by movement of planets in your Moon Sign. One should trade only in the stocks of that sectors which are getting very strong astrological support. Check out the predictions for this week and reduce your chances of losing money…
Modi’s body language gives a strong message to China
At BRICs he was restrained and uncomfortable at times, but now he is supremely confident in every move. His body language and both verbal and non verbal communication shows very strong, assertive and positive approach; seems like he is not afraid of anything.
Love, Romance and Numerology
The characteristics of a person is dependent on the psychic number, destiny number, name number, zodiac, month of birth and year of birth. This article focuses on an individual's preferences when it comes to love and sex. Read on to learn more...
Numerology of Apple, Microsoft and Google
All the three companies above have been ruling their respective industries and have some similar products to fight among themselves. Most of the people are client of all these 3 companies in some way or the other. For example right now I am using Google Chrome to write this article while operating on Windows and listening to music on an ipod. Here's a numerological analysis of the 3 companies...