Radha Ashtami
Radha, the mother of beauty, consort of Lord Krishna and forever an example of true, boundless and internal love. This article will have all the information related to Radharani, her birth, her love for Lord Krishna and how this festival is celebrated beautifully all over India.Read more...
Mars-Saturn conjunction creates an explosive environment till September 2015
Saturn is the slowest planet of our solar system and it takes about 30 years to make a round of the Sun. Saturn remains in a sign for about two and a half years. Saturn is well associated with the general psyche of India and those who believe in Vedic astrology. Read on to know its impact…
The Millennium Maha Sanyog…!!
Come September 2014 and one awaits the unusual and magnificent combination presented by planets. An extraordinary combination of various planets shall blow the bugle for a new era.Read more...
How to use the Five Elements to attract money, growth and success
Everything in this world is made up of five basic elements - known as “Panchabhoota” - in Indian culture and belief. They are: Aakash-Space or Ether or sky; Vayu-Air; Agni-Fire; Jal-Water and Bhumi-Earth.
What’s wrong with fatal predictions?
Let those who study the heavens stand up and save you, those who gaze at the stars and each new Moon, predict what shall befall you. See, they are like stubble, the fires consume them. They cannot deliver themselves from the power of the FLAME. They all wander about in their own paths; there is no one to save you. (Isaiah 47:13-15)
A classical 40-stanza poem
The Hindu knowledge bank lies in the great Vedas. Maharishi Ved Vyas articulated the four Vedas into 18 Puranas and subsequently into 108 Upanishads, like Mundakopanishad, Kain Upanishad, Gopaltapani Upanishad, Varaha Upanishad, etc.
Your moon sign and stock markets from 01-09-2014 TO 07-09-2014
Your moon sign and stock markets from 01-09-2014 TO 07-09-2014. Reasonable financial gains are expected in speculation this week. Each investment decision should be made with prudence and objectivity. Monday, Tuesday and Friday are excellent. Planets indicate raise in status in profession. Investment in PSU and Entertainment stocks may prove rewarding
The legend of Rishi Panchami
Rishi Panchami is one of the most auspicious days for Hindus. It is believed that this is the perfect day to honour the entire gamut of sages of India - from the ancient to the present time. Read more...
पारद का महत्त्व एवं विभिन्न उपाय
वैदिक रीतियों में, पूजन विधि में, समस्त मनोकामनाओं की पूर्ति में पारद से बने शिवलिंग एवं अन्य आकृतियों का विशेष महत्त्व होता है।
Your moon sign and stock markets from 25-08-2014 TO 31-08-2014
How speculation, trading, stock market condition will be in next week? Moderate financial gains are expected in speculation this week. You should not go for any kind of risk in decision making. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are excellent. New opportunities are indicated in profession. Investment in PSU, Banking and Auto stocks may prove rewarding.