How number 8 in numerology will influence your life in 2015?
2015 is an important year as it totals to number 8 whose ruling planet is Saturn. Being the planet for discipline and justice, learn how Saturn will treat you in the coming year...
Scope of Kundali in Your Belongings and Wealth
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Vivaha Panchami on 27th November, 2014
Vivaha Panchami is an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar as it is believed that Lord Ram and Goddess Sita tied the knot on this day. It is celebrated across India and even Nepal in their honour. Read more below...
Shanichari Amavasya on 22nd November, 2014
22nd November, 2014 marks the last Shanichari Amavasya for the year. But this day is very important as the confluence of Saturday and Amavasya on the same day is uncommon. Read more to know how Lord Shani can cure you of your sins.
Mars turning exalted on 28th November 2014
As the planet Mars turns exalted on 28th November, 2014, it will bring out many changes in everyone’s lives. Read more to know how each Zodiac Sign is affected…
Your Moon Sign And Stock Markets (From 17-11-2014 To 23-11-2014)
From New York to Mumbai, experts from all over the world are trying to figure out as to which direction the stock market is likely to go. Our experts, with deep understanding of financial astrology, say that all day to day activities in this universe, including stock market, are influenced by movement of planets in your Moon Sign. One should trade only in the stocks of that sectors which are getting very strong astrological support. Check out the predictions for this week and reduce your chances of losing money…
What is your Personal Year in 2015?
Explore how number 8 will affect you and your year ahead as it is the official universal number for 2015. Be prepared as Karma comes knocking on your door…
Your Baby’s Character according to their Sun Sign
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Kaal Bhairava Jayanti on 14th November, 2014
Bhairava is an avatar of Lord Shiva himself, a fierce manifestation. Read more below to know why Lord Brahma has only four heads and how Bhairava came to be...
The divine relationship between Sun, Saturn and Mars
It is important to know why the Sun, Saturn and Mars share a very important relationship. Shani Dev, ruler of Saturn was Surya’s son and Mars is ruled by Lord Hanuman. Read more below as to how Lord Hanuman got Shani dev to lessen his animosity for Surya and why devotees of lord Hanuman won’t be harmed by Shani dev.