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What is your cusp zodiac sign?
By Astrospeak Content
Cusp is a Latin term for a spear or a point. In Astrology, a cusp is defined as the imaginary line that separates a pair of consecutive signs in the zodiac or the houses in the horoscope. Our zodiac is clearly divided into 12 equal sun signs or horoscope signs. And each of these zodiac signs have specific characteristics attached to them. However, some of us are born between signs, i.e. born during the transition period when the planet is moving from one zodiac sign to another and so on. Such individuals are known as Cusps.
Match flowers with your Zodiac Sign!
By Nikita Banerjee
Our zodiac signs provide us a route to self-discovery. As our personalities are heavily influenced by our sun signs, they offer in-depth insights into understanding our preferences, dislikes and much more. Just like there are key characteristics that define each zodiac sign, each of them has a specific flower attached to them as well.
What lies behind Mukesh Ambani's success?
By Honey Chopra
The richest man in India, chairman and managing director of one of the largest private sector enterprise in India, Franchisee owner of the popular Indian Premier league and the owner of the world’s most expensive house – Mukesh Ambani has endless number of accomplishments to his credit.
Your Luck This Week: 13th April to 19th April, 2015
By Pt. Deepak Dubey
It will be a good week for those who are preparing for an examination. Changing the Job will give you better result so if you are planning to do so do it, this will be the best time for you. The financial condition will also improve.Take care of your children especially when they are playing.
Rahu and Pitr Dosha - how does it affect your life?
By Sachin Kumar Gupta
The mention of Pitr Dosha raises many questions in the mind of people belonging to different backgrounds and mindsets. Some accept it with open minds while some call it baseless and reject its presence. However, even medical science accepts certain diseases i.e diabetes, epilepsy, leucoderma etc. are mainly due to hereditary influences.
Troubled marriage- can astrology help find happiness?
By Acharya Vandana
Marriage is regarded as one of the most important social customs in our country. It is a sacred institution that people sweat by. In India, it is all about tradition and values that make the marriage a life-long bond. However, it would be foolhardy to think that life-long marriages are free of problems. It is very rare that couples do not face problems in their long journey together, but the area of concern here is the shift of traditional marriages to troubled marriages.
Shani Amavsya 18th April, 2015
By Pt. Deepak Dubey
Every week Saturday comes but when it comes on the Full Dark Night when the Moon is completely absent, it is known as Shani Amavasya. This time Shani Amavasya falls on 18th April, 2015.
Important Rituals for Akshaya Tritiya
By Ritu Shukla
The word "Akshaya" means imperishable or eternal - that which never diminishes. The importance of this day lies in the fact that no special muhurta is needed or auspicious time is needed to perform any auspicious work. Since ages, it is believed that things, deeds and rituals performed or done on this day is permanent. Some prominent rituals of this day are -
Why 2015 Akshaya Tritiya is exceptionally special?
By Ritu Shukla
As Per Vikram Samvat, Akshaya Tritya falls on tritya or 3rd tithi (Shukl Paksh) of the Vaisakha Maas (month), which corresponds to the month of April-May in English Calendar. This year it is falling on 21.4.2015.
What is your Karmic Debt Number?
By Nikita Banerjee
We like to think of ourselves as spiritual beings, possessing a soul that will reincarnate itself in a new living being many times over. And every time, our soul reincarnates, it evolves with understanding and awareness. Over our various birth cycles, we have gathered knowledge, evolved to be wiser but we have also made mistakes and have abused the privilege given to us. However, we need to pay for the mistakes we make.
Relationship do’s and don’ts of zodiac signs!
By Nikita Banerjee
Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. But nothing is perfect because love like any relationship has its set of ups and downs. The love-hate relationship can be fun, differences between the couple can take a heavy toll on one’s personal life. Most of us think that when in love, things can be taken for granted. But it's not so easy always! While two different individuals in love can come together because they have a few things in common, some things are absolute no-nos!
What your stars say about your stocks this week: 6th April to 12th April, 2015
By Anil Kumar Jain
Aries: Mixed response is expected in speculation this week too. You should not go for any kind of risk in decision-making. Financial gains are expected on Tuesday & Thursday. There may not be any respite from mental agony at a work place. Investment in Pharma & Banking stocks may prove rewarding.
What happens when the Sun turns exalted on 14th April, 2015?
By Acharya Aaditya
Sun is transiting into Aries and going to experience exaltation (Uccha Rashi i.e. Aries/Mesha) on 14/04/14 at 13:47 p.m. Sun turns exalted once a year and it would be radiating its complete brilliance for a month’s time. Sun’s exaltation is benefic for Aries, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius ascendants. For the rest of the ascendants, results would be based upon the position of the Sun in the horoscope.
8 Simple Vastu Tips for a Happy Married Life
By Rajnee R Garg
For many, Vaastu Shastra is an integral aspect of planning everything. Seeing its ample benefits, more and more people are now adopting Vaastu Shastra practices while planning their lives and lifestyle. Right from building homes or offices to the matters concerning money, health and married life, Vaastu Shastra is becoming omnipresent around us.
Depression explained Astrologically
By Honey Chopra
Depression can be best described as a wound that doesn’t show on the body but is far more painful and hurtful than anything that bleeds. It is a state of severe sadness that mostly arises out of struggle, disappointments or setbacks in life. While some people come out of it easily, others have a feeling of impending doom. Women in the state of depression may feel empty, pathetic or lifeless whereas depressed men have a tendency to become perennial moaners, aggressive or restless.
Your luck this week: 6th April to 12th April, 2015
By Pt. Deepak Dubey
Lady luck favors the ones who try! So is this week going to be lucky for you and help you overcome difficulties so that you achieve all your tasks? Find out.
Jupiter goes Direct on 8th April, 2015 - how will it affect your life?
By Honey Chopra
Jupiter – the planet of abundance, luck, wisdom, favour and fortune has been in retrograde motion since 9th December, 2014. Any planet in retrogression is believed to give erratic results i.e. it gives unexpected outcomes. It must be noted that such a planet does not become weak in any circumstances. It is powerful but the only challenge is that it requires consistent and repeated efforts to accomplish tasks related to the significance of the houses controlled by that planet in your chart.
Chandra Grahan/ Lunar Eclipse on 4th April, 2015 and its effects on you
By Pt. Deepak Dubey
The Second Eclipse of this yea that is Lunar Eclipse is going to be on 4th April,2015, it will take place on – Date: 4th April,2015(Chaitra Poornima) Day: Saturday Time: as per Indian Standard Time, i.e. from 15:46 PM to 19:15 PM
How your zodiac sign affects your sleeping pattern?
By Nikita Banerjee
Each one of us is programmed in a particular way; we have our set of preferences, ideas and principles. Some are mouldable while some stick around for life. This holds true for what we eat, how we react to situations, what we wear and even how we sleep. A lot to do with our preferences and why we like something is decided in the stars, i.e. our zodiac signs decide our preferences. And this extends to our sleep patterns too.
Decoding the four elements and their effect on zodiac signs
By Nikita Banerjee
Air, water, earth and fire make up the four essential elements in our universe. Our 12 zodiac are grouped under these four essential elements as without them there would be no possibility of life. Each of these four elements has characteristics that are independent of them and they heavily influence the zodiac signs.