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Decode your partner's personality according to your zodiac sign!

According to astrology seventh house in the horoscope signify your life partner . Your zodiac sign will decide how will be the nature and personality of your would be life partner.

According to astrology, the seventh house in your horoscope will signify your life partner’s traits and personality. Your zodiac sign will decide what their nature and personality will be life. This is very common question that everyone wants answers to as they are curious about their life partners. Bharti Sawhney provides you a brief outline of your life partner based on your zodiac sign.




Your spouse will be easy to deal with and will have great talent to create pleasant relationships. The person will be good at maintaining a balance in the process of giving and taking. Physical appearance will be good and will be fond of beauty and luxurious things and may also be interested in artistic work.




Your spouse will have a heavy body; will be very warm and sweet in nature. Sometimes rigid in nature, decision once taken will not be reverted. Generally likes to dominate and would like to control others. She/he may be entrepreneurs or engaged in sports.




Your life partner will be religious, with a fiery temperament and may get confused while taking decisions but can be very opportunistic in life. Always interested in gaining knowledge, they are very much capable of expressing their views. She/he may be in the profession of related to law, economics, publishing etc.




Your life partner will be down to earth in nature and will be quite adjustable. They are blessed with qualities of patience, endurance and will believe in slow and steady wins the race, but at the same time hard working, ambitious and will be fond of travelling. She/he may be in the profession related to factories of oil and refinery etc.




Your life partner will have medium height, dark in complexion and will be of philosophical nature. They will believe in simple living and will be socially a well-know person. She/he may belong to profession of writing, teaching etc.




Your life partner will be of religious in nature. She/he will be have an idealist and universal view on worldly matters, will be active person. Your spouse will be sentimental and will have attraction towards beauty, lover of dance, cinema and music. She/he may be in the profession of mental faculties, yoga, mediations and healing professions etc.




Your life partner will have a good personality; reddish complexion will be strong and courageous, like to explore new things. His/her nature will be fiery and always interested in moving around and travelling. She/he may have gains by public contacts.




Your life partner will be courageous, and endowed with good qualities, will be of beautiful attractive face, curly black hair. They will be rigid in nature and will do any work with patience and are usually very well known in the in society.




Your life partner will be generally rich, broad minded, will have good analytical ability; will be capable of doing any work and resourceful person. They generally have clear complexion, appearance. Possess good academic qualification and will be diplomatic in nature. She/he may be in the profession of intellect, knowledge.




Your life partner will be very affectionate person, humble, clever, intellectual, and fond of luxury and comforts. She/he will have moderate body, round face, teeth and will have beautiful face. She/he may be in the profession connected with shipping, hotel industry, professions pertaining to food and eatables.




Your life partner will be of dominating nature, will have very disciplined, speech, commanding and authoritative in nature. She/he is born to rule and cannot come under any pressure. She/he may be engaged in profession relating to Government or high status post.




Your life partner will be of very good nature however childhood period will be difficult one, with lots of ups and down in life. She/he will be much motivated but cunning in nature. The person will look much younger to his/her.

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