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Phonetic names work wonders

As we saw earlier that material girl Madonna decided to undergo a complete name change to Esther as per the Kabala to bring a new vibrational frequency in her life. Did you know that the famous folk rock icon Bob Dylan was Robert Zimmerman and Tina Turner was Anna Mae Bullock? Famous magician Harry Houdini was Erich Weiss. Although the Hollywood Stars are known the world over by their now famous names, many of these stars birth names were less than glamorous, so they changed them.

Do you think John Wayne would have become an American icon with his real name of Marion Morrison? Muhammad Ali the boxer was Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr, Brigitte Bardot was Camille Javal , Richard Burton was Richard Jenkins, Mike Douglas was Michael Delaney Dowd, George Michael was Georgios Panayiotou , Demi Moore was Demetria Guynes. These examples of famous Hollywood stars who benefited from changing names completely are proof of phonetic numerology at work rather than spelling numerology.

It is now common knowledge that merely corrupting names by spelling them wrongly with additional alphabets does not give good results. Rather they may harm as different people will pronounce your name differently. Numerological vibrations work effectively only when the name is changed and a new phonetic vibration comes into being. Unlike the Hollywood famous celebrity name changes there are no current Bollywood actors who have made it big and famous with changed new names. The example of Hollywood stars I gave in my earlier issues proves beyond a doubt that only a entirely new phonetic name can radically change your destiny.That’s why Bollywood stars with changes in spellings have not been benefited at all since people still call them the same name phonetically. We shall now demonstrate how and why these name changes worked.

Consult Anupam V Kapil

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