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Narendra Modi - the man to watch out for

Narender Modi People of Gujarat vouch for him and they say that Gujarat has been transformed under his stewardship in the last 8 years. Sometime back the stalwarts of Indian industry were gathered for a summit in Ahmedabad and unanimously they praised him and the manner in which he is running the State. When Tata’s decided to relocate the Nano factory after the Singur controversy he welcomed them with open arms providing the best paraphernalia so that Ratan Tata could keep his promise.

Narendra Modi was born on 17th September 1950 at Mehsana district. At the time of his birth Scorpio lagna was rising on the eastern horizon and planetary configuration was as such: Mars, Moon – Scorpio, Jupiter – Aquarius, Rahu – Pisces, Uranus – Gemini, Pluto – Cancer, Saturn, Venus – Leo, Sun, Mercury, Ketu and Neptune in Virgo.

At the time of his birth Scorpio ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon and Mars is placed in it. The placement of Mars in this house forms one of the ‘Panch mahapurush rajyoga’ called ‘Ruchak’. This is such a powerful rajayoga that it gives tremendous energy to the native and his dynamics of understanding ground realities is terrific. These things have helped him to establish himself as the modern icon of Gujarat. Moon is also present there. Moon is debilitated but due to the presence of Mars its debilitation is cancelled. This debilitated Moon at times puts him into trouble due his uncalled for outbursts. Jupiter has occupied the 4th house which forms ‘gajkesari rajayoga’ with the Moon and gives strength. In the 10th house Saturn, Venus are also present. Saturn and Mars are forming a square which is not considered good which is why some of his administrative decisions create controversy for him and Godhra is one of them which keeps haunting him.

Placement of Rahu in the 5th house is very good. It gives him insight to know the loopholes of others and build on his own plus points. Sun, Mercury and Ketu are placed in the 11th house which is very good. This house deals with ones aspirations and ambitions. This combination enables a person to achieve his goals without much difficulty.

Sun – Saturn dasha will predominate between now and 16/9/2009. As stated Sun is very well placed in the 11th house however Saturn’s place in the 10th house is not very good. These elections are very important for Narendra Modi because he is in charge of 80 Lok Sabha seats of that belt. Since Sun is very good but Saturn is weak despite this he will fare very well in this election and will consolidate his position even more. He is the man to watch out for.

25th April 2009

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