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Lucky car numbers by Anupam V Kapil

/photo.cms?msid=2204632 Is this number lucky for me? Will this vehicle bring me luck? These are often questions which come before one’s mind while buying vehicles. Amateur numerologists often make serious mistakes while advising favourable numbers for cars of clients by suggesting their birth number or addition of their full birth date as a lucky number. There couldn’t be something more fallacious than suggesting one’s birth or destiny numbers as one’s lucky number though it is true that these numbers do repeat in one’s life on their own at regular intervals, they are merely eventful numbers.  It is important to consider the following factors while buying a new vehicle.

Choose a good muhurata, vaar (day) and yog, do not buy vehicles on days making a shool yoga,  don’t buy on chaturthi, navami and chaudas tithi.  You may use 2nd, 7th,12th tithis and Sunday, Tuesdays and nakshtras, and Mrigasira, Chitra and Dhanistha can be chosen on these tithes. Dwi pushkar yog, tri pashkar yog can be chosen to buy vehicles as vehicles bought during these yogas will lead to buying two more of these. Pratipada, dwitya, shasti, saptami, ekadashi, dwadashi tithes and days of Sundays, Tuesday and Thursdays, Saturdays and nakshatras of Kritika, Punarvasu, P. Phalguni , uttarashada and P. Shada are bad.

Many times it has been seen that number 9 has been preferred as a lucky number. But on the contrary most number of accidents take place on vehicles that add to a 8 and 9. Only if Mars which rule number 9 is  strongly placed and not afflicted in the chart one should choose number 9. If one buys a number 9 vehicle, one may take off white colour, but if he takes red colour too it may be very aggressive. And a very important point I wish to make here is that 18, 27,36,45 etc are not number 9, but higher octaves of  9 and all these give different effects and 18 number or numbers that add to 18 have a pronounced ‘accident effect’ and everyone cannot carry of this vibration, since the 9 here is formed by Sun(1)  and Saturn(8). A pandit contacted me saying that he had bought a vehicle whose number added to a 9, when I asked him the numbers, they added to 18 and I explained why 18 is accident prone. He met with an accident twice, once getting hurt on the legs and another time on the shoulder, all within a month. Number 44  is not only double Rahu but  8 also makes Saturn, so it is not good. Suppose my date of birth is  28.10.1975, an amateur numerologist would suggest that my lucky number is 1, but this would in fact give me adverse results as Sun which rules number 1 would be debilitated 4 and 8 numbers should not be taken in a number together as they  are a cause of accidents. Numbers that add to a 8 are seen to consume more petrol, so these may be avoided unless Saturn and Venus are well placed in 4th, 9th or 10th house. Number 4 is of Rahu and Number 7 of Ketu so it may be avoided. If one’s Sun is exalted or strong he must not buy dark blue and black colours. If Venus is good, then gray and off white colour may be taken. If you have to buy cars which are not your lucky colour then you must cover the aggressive numbers and the number plate with the proper colour  to minimize the evil effects.

Be very careful when you use numbers like 4444 (12) , 8888, 1111 or 2222 as these are strong numbers since in the kabala number 12 is of grief and suffering and even double digits like 11, 12  and 16 can bring bad luck, unless otherwise indicated in the chart.

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