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Impact of Gemstones

Gemstones Our prayers act as channels through which the love and goodwill flow to our near ones and us .
The positive affirmations like chanting of mantras will testify the wonderful results of such exercises on the body, mind, and spirit. Now, take a step further back, and let's move on from smaller things to the huge celestial bodies. Isn't it true that moon's major phases have such strong effects that we are consciously able to experience them? Sunspots, although of minor astrological significance, have also been shown to significantly affect us. Thus, the basis of all our problems in life lies in our receptivity (resonance) . As our receptivity can either be negative or positive, reactive or proactive, we must strive to become magnets that attract only the positive aspects. We must increase the positive aspect of our receptivity.

Likewise, we can benefit from the invisible influences if we received the correct blend of radiation that is helpful to our particular electromagnetic 'signature' (corresponding to our karmic weaknesses and strengths). The real significance of karma is not in what happens to us, but in how we react to it. And the greatest challenge of life is to react to events in a positive way. This is where gems come into action. When one wears the right kind of gems, they produce helpful electromagnetic rays.

We, as human beings, receive vital rays - subtle cosmic radiation from planets that influence our attitudes, behaviour, and environment. This planetary radiation has a definite impact on our ever-changing psychological dispositions. Stones and gems, coming in direct contact with the skin, exercise an electromagnetic influence over cells.

Man's body contains carbon and various metallic elements that are also present in plants, metals, and jewels. Man is very sensitive to e-m radiation. If a person's astrological chart shows that his or her receptivity to beneficial planetary radiation is weak or out of balance, it can be rectified and strengthened by the natural electromagnetic radiation emanating from specific, correlative gems. Just as we need vitamins and minerals to meet our physical requirements, we can also utilise different forms of invisible energy to stimulate and aid our mental, spiritual, and physical dispositions.

People often feel that wearing a Gemstone with a view to mould or improve our life is a part of the old superstitious which we as the modern, analytic and scientific humans should do away with. But on the contrary we find that all eminent personalities including past and present Prime Ministers of India wear Gemstones.

One thing we must understand that wearing of Gemstones does not lead to some magic – on the negative or positive side. The general feeling developed in people especially in India that wearing a gemstone can lead to positive or negative effects in few hours does not have any empirical evidence. It comes from a psychological impact or it is a coincidence which people relate with the effect of the Gemstone.

Then the question arises does the use of Gemstones have an effect on our lives – the answer is a qualified yes . The Gemstones has a slow and steady impact on our lives in the manner described below.

When we wear a gemstone the cosmic rays of the planet it represents are drawn more into our Auras. This has an effect on the Chakras which are governed by those Colours. This phenomenon has an effect on our vibrations and our mental activity which in turn affects the way we interact with the people and the people interact with us. All this changes our environment and thus our destinies.
When we see a birth chart we analyze the strengths and the weaknesses of the various planets and if some planet is benefic but is weak we prescribe its Gemstone. This phenomenon can be understood in a simple way.

When a child is born and the doctors find that the child has a deficiency of say–Calcium –artificial Calcium is given to the child to make up the deficiency. Similarly, if a planet is weak i.e., the individual got weak rays from that planet at the time of birth. The Gemstone which is capable of drawing more rays of that planet into the Aura is recommended so that the initial deficiency can be covered up by increased cosmic rays absorption now.

The use of the Gemstone will slowly and steadily increase the colour of that particular planet’s rays in the Aura and this will slowly bring changes in the Aura and in the Mental waves. This induces a change in the interactions we have with other beings, our self esteem and outlook towards life.
Physical Properties
Psychological Properties
Warm, Strengthening, Improves the life current, improves the quality and flow of blood
Bravery, dynamism, aggressiveness, fearlessness, positive attitude towards life
Expelling and cleansing (sweating, urinating, bowel movements)
Desire to do a thing, internal power and strength to fight with disease.
Anabolism or the building up process.
Higher mental activity and knowledge. Knowledge of the higher being i.e, spiritualism.
Catabolism or the braking up process i.e., digesting
Ability to act with care and though, diplomacy, the activities of a master mind.
Cooling, Soothing, Inhibiting
Practical thinking generally this colour is found in abundance in the Aura of people with high status.
Mysterious colour has all the properties of Healing, Energizing, Cleaning and some which are yet to be understood
The higher forces of nature, life after death. It lead to unknown influence on all lie forms and reduces the need for intoxicants.
Colour of love, attractive soothing and harmonizing. Improves sexual desire and sex appeal.
Induces love for all life forms. Can be used to develop softer feelings and sympathy.
Colour of purity, of upright thought process and clarity of views.
Improves the thinking and planning process good for health and longevity.
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